Ile Milliau Allée CouverteIle Milliau Allée Couverte
©Ile Milliau Allée Couverte|Yann Josselin
Discovering the megalithsof the Pink Granite Coast

Menhirs and dolmens, stones of legend

In the land of pink (and gray!) granite, menhirs, dolmens and covered walkways punctuate the landscape with their legendary presence and imbued with mystery. At the bend of a path, on an island or in the middle of the forest, these megaliths emblematic of Brittany will amaze Prehistory enthusiasts and delight children for a game of hide-and-seek with the korrigans.

Menhir De Saint UzecMenhir De Saint Uzec
©Menhir De Saint Uzec|Services Techniques de Pleumeur Bodou

Between place of worship and legend

Megaliths hidden in secret corners

Here, no concentration of megaliths like in Carnac. Make way for intimate sites, off the beaten track: in the heart of the Beffou forest like the covered alley of Brohet, on the edge of the estuary like that of Men Ar Rompet on the Presqu’île de Lézardrieux… These standing stones are also often found on islands or peninsulas, even with their feet in the water during certain tidal coefficients, like the menhir of Toëno in Trébeurden. Proof that 3000 years before Jesus Christ, the sea level was not as high as it is today!

In the footsteps of the fairies and goddesses of the Neolithic

Rough at first glance, these monoliths also sometimes hide moving and precious parietal sculptures, like so many tributes of our ancestors to the Mother Goddess. Cupules, breasts, necklaces … Go in search of these symbols of fertility that you can admire on the covered walkways of Kerguntuil in Trégastel, Prajou-Menhir in Trébeurden or Crec’h Quillié in Saint-Quay-Perros. Some also are the nest of legends, like that of Ile Grande, also called Ty-Lia (stone house) or Ty ar C’hornandoned. It is said that on full moon nights, Kornandounezed (dwarfs) lead passers-by in wild dances…

Megaliths and religion, or the art of reuse!

At Pleumeur-Bodou, the menhir of Saint-Uzec is the highest in the area with its 7 meters. But above all, it amazes by its cross and its sculptures of the 17th century ordered by “the apostle of Brittany”, the Jesuit priest Julien Maunoir. A real comic book in granite telling the Passion of Christ! Further south, discover the crypt-dolmen of the Chapel of the Seven Saints is an opportunity to admire this remarkable chapel dedicated to an Islamic-Christian cult.