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With about forty remarkable sites linked by itineraries adapted to your profile (hiker, family, handicap, …) or to the weather, the Granit Rose Tour will be your guide during your walks on the Pink Granite Coast.

40 remarkable points of interest…

Cross the Pink Granite Coast and more particularly the communes of Trébeurden, Pleumeur-Bodou, Trégastel and Perros-Guirec with the Pink Granite Tour Interpretation Trail. 40 points of interest indicated by markers and signs show you: magical viewpoints, heritage, megaliths… and many other treasures to discover.


According to your desires…

Through 8 thematic routes and 3 discovery routes, the “Granit Rose Tour” highlights the little-known aspects of the natural and cultural heritage of the Pink Granite Coast. Must-see sites, indoor visits, magical landscapes, history and legends, bathing architecture, churches and chapels, fauna and flora, megaliths, small heritage, unusual sites, sites accessible to people with reduced mobility… This real guide to be used with friends, family, alone or in duo will give you the keys to understand our history and will facilitate your visits. All that’s left is to choose which one you’ll start with.


And for children, a discovery booklet, fun and educational, available in our tourist information offices for 1€.

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Saint Samson Chapel


The rural hamlet of Saint-Samson is home to several heritage sights. The chapel built between 1575 and 1631 offers a fine example of the Beaumanoir style, a family of architects established in the region. The menhir, built about 3000 years ago, holds virtuous powers! In the past, men and women came to rub themselves against it to strengthen their virility or their fertility. As for the fountain, it was endowed with a healing power that attracted the sick.

Vallée des Traouïero


This deep, wooded valley is traversed by a small stream and dotted with blocks of pink granite formed by erosion over the past 300 million years. Many rare and endangered species of ferns and mosses thrive here. An intense granite mining activity has also developed on this site. To explore this singular landscape, don’t hesitate to get the specialized brochure available in our tourist information offices and take advantage of the organized tours.

Christ Chapel


Classified as a historical monument and occupying a privileged site, Christ Chapel is a place not to be missed. Located on a hillock 76 meters above sea level, it offers a remarkable panorama of the sea and its islets. Dating from the 14th century, it was probably built by mendicant monks, then reworked around 1770 as evidenced by an inscription on the facade.

Granite quarry


The pink stones of La Clarté have been exploited since the beginning of the 20th century and are distinguished by their great quality. Take advantage of the visit of this pink granite quarry to discover the modes of exploitation of the deposit since a century, the evolution of the techniques and some notions of geology… You can moreover prolong your stroll in the valley of Traouïero and discover pillars of an old rolling bridge at the level of Kergomar, they are the rests of the David quarry, exploited until the war.

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