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Tourist guidesof the Pink Granite Coast

Guided tours and storytelling walks

Immerge yourself in the heart of the Trégor and come discover the cultural and heritage heritage heritage of the territory with the guides of the Pink Granite Coast. Heritage guides, nature guides, lecturer guides… There is something for every taste, and for every desire!

Heritage guides

reporters of history and legends

Brittany between land and sea

Escapade Glaz | Trégastel

On land or at sea, in an iodized or bucolic atmosphere, the Escapade Glaz team will immerse you in the discovery of the Pink Granite Coast. Each outing has its own theme and its own place of discovery, but all of them are lived with sensations, fascination, wonder and conviviality. Come and oxygenate yourself in the middle of nature for half a day or more, and soak up the stories of this fascinating coast by drinking in the words of these passionate animators.

“Here Adventure rhymes with Nature, Animation with Region, Activity with Conviviality and Experience with Full of Meaning” Escapade Glaz Bretagne

Between conviviality & originality

Corinne Amicel | Trébeurden

Want to escape? Set off to discover a unique cultural and natural heritage in the company of Corinne, a qualified and passionate tour guide, who invites you on a journey through time in the Trégor. On the program: guided tours and commented hikes between land and sea to discover megaliths, Cities of Art, Small Cities of Character® and seaside resorts, without forgetting a reading of our sublime landscapes…

“Listen, open your eyes and free your mind… In short, let yourself be guided through the History that makes the singularity of cities such as Trébeurden, Tréguier or Lannion.”

Dusk walks

Yvon Dagorn | Tréguier

Since 1992, the traditional Breton storyteller Yvon Dagorn has been a passer of memory for the whole family. He has been telling traditional Breton stories since 1992. With his Breton words and expressions (always translated), walk through the streets and woods of the town of Tréguier at dusk and immerse yourself in the tales and stories collected from his ancestors, which will make you laugh, frighten and move you. Emotions guaranteed!”

Told walks, evening shows or private vigils are possible on the Côte d’Ajoncs and the Côte de Granit Rose

A journey through time

Marie-Thérèse Mahé | Plouaret

Follow in the footsteps of Marie-Thérèse Mahé, a passionate local historian, and discover the economic life of a Trégorois town at the beginning of the 20th century through the example of Plouaret. Its economic activities, its elements of the daily life, which took since the statute of small inheritance, the upheaval that was the arrival of the railroad. Without forgetting the social and cultural life so rich with, among other things, the work of collecting Luzel.

“A commented stroll in semi-nocturnal, to finish a day of vacations in all conviviality”

Nature guides

Fauna and Flora Animators

The Trégor off the beaten track

Échappées Trégoroises | Plougrescant

For more than 25 years, Cécile Hervé has been crisscrossing her native Trégor. As a guide, she offers guided walks punctuated with small anecdotes and legends, in order to help you discover Plougrescant and Penvénan in particular by going off the beaten track. The seafront as well as the countryside has a thousand things to reveal. She will take you to meet local producers or craftsmen who will reveal the secrets of making their products and the backstage of their jobs!

“The Trégor is rich in legends and stories. Through my walks, I invite you to discover the seaside or the countryside. Let’s meet a producer or a craftsman. Come on, follow me, I’ll guide you!”

Discovering the riches of the coastline

Atelier Terra Maris | Trébeurden to Saint-Quay-Portrieux

Envy of iodized air and unusual encounters? Claire Maerten, naturalist guide passionate about seaweed and plants of the seaside leads you to discover the beauty of the coastline, from Trébeurden to Plougrescant. Follow her for walks often off the beaten track and sensory experiences to discover the landscapes of Tregor, plants used in herbal medicine, the benefits of seaweed and life at low tide.

Create culinary recipes yourself, in a workshop or in a course, to learn all about this very special flora, the various possible uses and their benefits!

Meeting nature’s riches

TounNature | Plestin-les-Grèves

Dive into the heart of the marine environment on the Lieue de Grève with TounNature, go on a journey of discovery of the flora and fauna that populate our beaches and seaside coast. Explore the puddles in search of shellfish and learn to recognize the different species of wintering birds and understand their roles in the marine environment.

“Climb to the top of the Great Rock and discover the immensity of the beach that reveals itself at your feet and lets you see the cross of mid-league!”

Presqu'île Greeters

Passengers of knowledge

Meeting with the locals

Presqu’Île de Lézardrieux | Pleubian

On the Presqu’île de Lézardrieux, volunteer inhabitants welcome you for free and let you discover their territory, their passions and their knowledge of the environment. An authentic meeting that will delight lovers of fishing, hiking, painting or history. In groups of maximum 6 people, walk through this arm of the earth still little explored by visitors which is full of natural and patrimonial treasures.

They will share with you their passion and their attachment to the Presqu’île which they talk about in an unusual, original and personal way… So? Meet the “Presqu’île Greeters”!

The guides of the Tourist Office

Destination Experts

The Secrets of La Roche-Derrien

Viviana | La Roche-Jaudy

Through the Small City of Character®, follow Viviana on a journey of discovery of this ancient medieval stronghold. From the top of its rock, the knights protected the passage on the maritime river. In spite of many battles, the city, active and joyful, prospered until the middle of the 20th century thanks to the markets, the slate quarries and the activities related to linen. The fortified church, the Gothic facades, the old port and the ragmen’s suburb are all small stops along this visit.

“Viviana likes to mix history, heritage and small anecdotes, to make you fully live the past of this medieval city, of its communities of craftsmen and merchants who printed their life of work in the memory of the place.”

Immersion in Tréguier & Lannion

Ella | Tréguier & Lannion

Guide Lecturer since 2012, Ella has at heart to share with you the stories and peculiarities of the heritage, architecture and craftsmanship of Trégorois that she loves so much. During her visits, you will stroll through the narrow streets and cobbled alleys of Tréguier or Lannion, to discover the architectural treasures of these cities. She plunges you with passion and enthusiasm where man has always had a real influence on their development through the centuries.

A 2-hour stroll to cross the ages, meet singular know-how and discover emblematic monuments of the historic cities of the Pink Granite Coast…

Malted tour in Tréguier

Pauline | Tréguier

With Pauline, travel through another facet of Tréguier’s history and dive into its industrial past. She will be waiting for you in front of this red brick building built along the Jaudy River, which was once used as a railroad warehouse and has now been converted into a craft brewery. She will make you discover the secrets of the making of the tasty Philomenn beers, beers of character in the image of the Trégor.

In all conviviality, it is at the end of the visit that the tasting of the classic beers will awaken the taste buds of the amateurs of malted and hopped pleasures!

The green Trégor in the heart

Gaëlle | Plounévez-Moëdec, Kernansquillec

Gaëlle, began her professional career on this rural territory and became very attached to it. More marked characters, missions at the crossroads between environment, heritage and culture. It did not take more to sharpen this passionate inhabitant. For 25 years, she has worked to discover its history and its little-known heritage, where the soul of the Trégor resonates loudly.

She takes you in particular to the discovery of the site of Kernansquillec or the Valley of the Paper mills true witnesses of the industrial past of the Valley of the Léguer.

Tour of the Petite Cité de Caractère

Gwennoline | Tréguier

To learn all about the historic capital of Trégor, its history and heritage, follow Gwennoline and wander through the streets and lanes of Tréguier. Guide-lecturer, she will have in heart to make you discover the Small City of Character®, its rich ecclesiastical past and its emblematic monuments.

She will also take you on the traces of great men like Saint-Yves or Ernest Renan who left a strong imprint of their passage in Tréguier.

Cultivating experiences

on the Pink Granite Coast