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Guided tour
With our guides, penetrate the secrets of an episcopal city nestled in the heart of an estuary, go back to the time of the megaliths, stroll through the alleys of the Cities of Character and their half-timbered houses, marvel at the beauty of a rood screen or the brilliance of a stained-glass window, listen to the history of its secret chapels or its delightful manors.
Go and discover the Breton soul!
1 hour
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Historical capital of the Trégor and ancient episcopal city

Wander with your guide, in the streets of this small city of character which shelters one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Brittany and a majestic cloister (the best preserved of the region), 57 half-timbered houses of which one having sheltered Ernest Renan during his childhood, are some of the monuments contributing to the fame of the city.
Tréguier is also a city of spirit and generosity, of meditation and critical sense, which inspired over the centuries men of letters, men of the cloth and men of God from Saint Tugdual to Saint Yves and from Ernest Renan to Anatole Le Bras.

Entrance to the Cloister not included

Set out to discover Tréguier…

Partons à la découverte de Tréguier
Partons à la découverte de Tréguier
Partons à la découverte de Tréguier

Validity: All year round with choice of morning or afternoon (except Wednesday morning, market day)

Includes: The provision of a tour guide.

Does not include: Weekend and holiday supplement, transportation, insurance and any services not mentioned

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You wish to extend the discovery of Tréguier?

Tour of the Cloister (30 min)

In the shade of its 48 finely wrought arcades that encircle this green and flowery place of peace, one never tires of admiring the complex architecture of the building where Saint-Yves, patron saint of Bretons and lawyers, found eternal rest.

Price: + 2 € / pers.

Ernest Renan’s Childhood Home

Born into an impoverished family, Ernest Renan (1823-1892) was a brilliant scholarship student who was destined to become a priest. However, he left the seminary in 1845. His works examine the Gospels in the light of a demanding scientific criticism, scandalizing the clergy and the royalist Catholic right. A respected scholar throughout Europe, Renan received all the honors: he was a member of the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres, a professor at the Collège de France, an academician, and an officer of the Legion of Honor.

Built at the end of the sixteenth century, this house, typical of the architecture of the Trégor region, was acquired in 1780 by the scholar’s grandparents. Renan left it forever at the age of 15. It became a museum in 1947. In 1992, during the ceremonies of the centenary of the author, the facade on the street receives a carved wooden decoration.

Price: + 3.50 € / pers.

Brasserie artisanale Philomenn

This craft brewery is a series of successful bets.
The bet of a local production, the Philomenn, a beer of character in the image of the Trégor, but also the somewhat crazy bet of saving from ruins an old railway site of the “Petit train des Côtes du Nord” built by Harel de la Noé.

A magical place on the banks of the Jaudy to visit and taste!”

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The Chapel of the Paulines

Installed in Tréguier in 1699, the Paulines visited the sick and ran a charity office. They also took care of the education of poor young girls. They are the ones who are at the origin of the construction of the chapel in 1760.
At the Revolution, they will be chased out of Tréguier and the chapel will become in turn a warehouse and then a fire station before being rehabilitated.
It opens today its doors to the general public as a cultural space.

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A la carte program

A getaway, a long weekend, a group stay with a leitmotiv: to discover Brittany, our Brittany – Pink Granite Coast… then Degemer Mat e Breizh !

Angélique will have at heart to make you discover the Trégor, rich in culture and heritage, walks and coastal paths, beaches and towns of character.

Do not hesitate to contact her, she is at your disposal to organize your visits, tours and stays to make you live the essential of Brittany.

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