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Wonders of nature

The hiking paths that criss-cross the natural sites of the Pink Granite Coast are ideal for family walks. From the Pointe de Bihit in Trébeurden to the Sillon de Talbert via the beach at Trégrom, young and old alike can make discoveries and share memories.

La pointe de Bihit


La Pointe de Bihit in Trébeurden. Due to its magnificent view, this promontory is a must for visitors of the Pink Granite Coast. There is a walking trail for the more sure-footed inviting you to reconnect with nature. On your way you will come across the former sardine factory, which was flourishing at the beginning of the past century.

Traouïero Valley


The Traouiéro-Valleys in Trégastel. This natural hide-out for real and fictional characters is a truly magical universe! We like exploring the paths that lead into the lush valleys, scattered with sometimes surprisingly shaped pink granite blocks. For some people, this is the ideal place to reconnect with nature, for others, an excellent playground. Thus, the Traouiéro-Valleys appeal to all age groups. Guided tours and storytelling walks are organized at certain times of the year. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information at the local tourism office.

With your feet in the water or eyes raised and fixed on the high forests, each walk is a playground for my children and a disconnection for us! Great!


The Talbert fold


The Talbert fold in Pleubian. The Talbert fold is a geological curiosity. The spit made of sand and rocks is 3 km (1.9 mi.) long. Since 2006 it is a regional nature reserve. The sandspit ishe popular amongst migratory birds who nest here, but also amongst walkers and recreational fishermen. Unfortunately, the storms of the last few years have caused a breach in the spit. It can still be visited, but you should consult the tide schedule beforehand.

Castel Erek


Castel Erek in Pleumeur-Bodou. Castel Erek is a granite promontory on Île Grande. From this windswept cape you have a magnificent panoramic view over Île Miliau and the Sept Îles Archipelago. The flooded pit and the dyke are vestiges of a century of granite extraction on the Island. We like to go for walks accompanied by the constant dance of marine birds and the sound of the waves. This may also be the occasion to pay a visit to the ornithological station run by the LPO (Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux – League for the Protection of Birds).

The Cape Dourven


La pointe du Dourven (Cape Dourven). Île Miliau on the one and the Dourven on the other side are the landmarks at the estuary of the Léguer. Its highest point offers beautiful views on the bay, from the estuary to Cap Séhar. This rocky promontory was once an ideal spot for surveillance; a guard house and a lookout stand as remnants from the XVIIIth century.  At the heart of the domain, between maritime pines, you will find the Gallery of Dourven. Constructed in 1912, it is today an exposition site featuring modern art.

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The gorge of Plougrescant


The “Gouffre“ (gorge) of Plougrescant. This unique and magical place is a large crack between two rocks, through which wind and waves shoot during storms, offering an impressive show ! This is the gorge of Castel Meur, also named “abyss of the bay of hell”. Don’t forget to wear a rain/windproof jacket !

The dice of Trégastel


The Dice in Trégastel. This big rock in front of the Port of Trégastel has a surprising shape! From the shore, it looks like a big dice of granite. That’s why it’s called “le Dé” (the dice). You can get close during ebb tide, just be careful not to get trapped by high tide!

The beach of Trégrom


The beach of Trégrom. For a change from the usual beaches by the sea, there’s the beach of Trégrom. Situated on the banks of the Léguer, it has everything one could wish for. How about a swim? If you prefer walking to swimming, you can always go visit the viaduct of Trégrom just behind the beach. The viaduct was built in the 1860s and served as one of the main locations for the film “The Battle of the Rails”.

The Sunset in Locquémeau


The sunset in Locquémeau. To close this summery series, we would like to invite you to a beautiful sunset at the Pointe (cape) of Séhar in Locquémeau. We hope that this little series has enabled you to discover new and lesser known places of our region. If you would like to share your favourite photos with @Côte de Granit Rose Tourisme, or #cotedegranitrosetourisme on Instagram, please go ahead !

Port Blanc


Port Blanc in Penvenan. Port Blanc, on the coast of Penvenan, is a spot you shouldn’t miss on your trip. Its sea-side setting surrounded by rocky islands is just an eye-catcher. This is the ideal place to indulge in “farniente” on the beach or go sailing in this safe haven.

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