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6 places to visit on our coaststroll

Curiosities of the coastlines

A holiday on the Pink Granite Coast means coming to the sea! You come here to enjoy the fine sandy beaches, stroll along the customs officers’ path and practise nautical activities. At each tide, the foreshore is a playground for children and fishermen on foot in search of shellfish. The maritime fauna reveals itself to visitors who embark on an excursion to the 7 Islands Archipelago, home to thousands of pairs of seabirds. A holiday with your feet in the water to share memories and cultivate the essentials.

The thermal baths of Hogolo


The thermal baths of Hogolo. Today, let’s head to Plestin-les-Grèves to discover the Gallo-Roman thermal baths of Hogolo. The baths were constructed on a dune by the sea in the year 50 AD. They were restored in 1992.  We suggest you take the GR34-path which leads directly to the site, given that it is open to the public.

The Water Mill Of Buguélès


The water mill of Buguélès. This pretty water mill can be visited in Penvenan. Built at the end of the XVIth century, the mill is in the middle of a dyke and has two openings: one that lets sea water in when the sea rises and the other, equipped with a paddle wheel, lets the water escape at ebb tide.  ++ Just a couple of footsteps away is the little port of Buguélès, which offers a splendid view over the islands.

I went on the granit rose coast and i was astonished by the landscapes.


The tide mill of Trégastel


The tide mill in Trégastel. The history of this mill goes back to 1375, when Charles V. of France authorized its edification and granted its user rights. It functions with the in- and outflow of sea water caused by the tides (approx. 6h per tide) and used to serve to mill grains, scutch flax and grind salt. It was closed when in 1932 the last miller died. From 15/06 to 15/09 it is open every day from 9 am to 4.30 pm. Guided tours are available for groups on demand.

Nantouar Lighthouse


The lighthouse of Nantouar in Louannec. The pretty lighthouse of Nantouar was built in 1860.  It was transformed several times and equipped with electricity in 1946, before it shut down in 1976.  The commune was unable to afford the costly renovation works and so the lighthouse was sold. It was acquired by a private person in 1994. You can still get close to it via the GR 34 which is bordering a beach of the same name. From here you have a splendid view over the Île Tomé and the Sept Îles Archipelago.

The cross of Mi-Lieue


The Cross of Mi-lieue in St-Michel-en-Grève. Built in the XVIth century, the Cross of Mi-lieue served for a long time as a point of orientation for people wanting to use the only passage between St-Michel-en-Grève and St Efflam. It stands in the middle of the bay, about 1.5km (0.6 mi) from the shore, so if you decide to pay it a visit, do have a look at the tide schedule beforehand!

The oysters farms

Plougrescant, La Roche Jaune , Landrellec

The oyster parks. Situated in the middle of a preserved environment, the oyster parks of the destination Brittany – Pink Granite Coast offer oysters of very high quality. Oyster farmers need a lot of patience and diligence to take care of the oysters, who take 3-4 years to mature. Our taste buds will be grateful, because the farming system in the open sea guarantees ideal freshness! To be enjoyed without moderation!

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