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Castles and gardens

Exotic, heritage, French-style, romantic, botanical, playful : you are bound to find a garden to your taste. Whether you are already familiar with the region or are just discovering it, we are sure you will be surprised by the many parks and gardens it contains and we invite you to push open their doors and let yourself be carried away by their beauty and poetry.

Castle Rosanbo


Castle Rosanbo in Lanvellec. Just a few steps away from Lieue de Grève lies Rosanbo, still one of the most important castles in Brittany today. This large quadrilateral building was constructed over 6 centuries and is surrounded by magnificent French gardens bearing the label “Jardin remarquable” (extraordinary gardens). Its vaulted hedges stretch over 2.5 km (1.5 mi.) and are among the longest in France! The castle is open from April to October. You may visit it on your own or with a guided tour.


The extraordinary gardens

Gardens of Kerdalo, Kestellic  and Pellinec.

The extraordinary gardens. Those of you who love gardens, rare plants, and exotic species from far-away lands will love these magic places. You will be thrilled by the harmony of colors and shapes. Welcome to the gardens of Kerdalo (Trédarzec), Kestellic (Plouiguiel) and Pellinec (Penvénan) ! These enchanted places are open to visitors at certain times of the year.

I love nature, so strutting among the trees and flowers… It’s just breathtaking ! I came last June with my son Charles and I was conquered by coming to your region!


Statue of Ernest Renan


The statue of Ernest Renan. The well-known figure from Trégor, Joseph Ernest Renan, was born on 28 February 1823 in Tréguier. A writer, philologist, philosopher and historian, he dedicated a large part of his works to religion. One of his books, “la vie de Jésus” (The Life of Jesus) was at the origin of passionate debates and, most of all, angered the catholic church. He was made Grand Officer of the French Legion of Honour and is today considered as one of the important scholars. Despite violent clashes between laymen and clerks, his statue was installed on place du Martray in 1903. His birth house is now called “Maison Ernest Renan”. It can be visited from April to September.

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Tonquédec Castle


Tonquedec Castle. Overlooking the Léguer valley, surrounded by lush forest, the Château de Tonquédec is open for visitors from April to October. Constructed between the XIVth and XVth century, it invites you to dive into medieval Brittany. It is composed of 11 towers, 2 of which are dungeons and the second largest castle in Brittany! During main season, medieval re-enactments are organized. This is an occasion for visitors to immerse themselves in the medieval atmosphere and imagine life in the Fort.

The megaliths of Tossen Keller


The megaliths of Tossen Keller in Penvenan. The tumulus of Tossen Keller may have been an ancient place of worship, but there is no actual proof for this theory! Certain elements, however, can be traced back to the neolithical period and there are remnants of human population in the iron age, as well as proof for lateral amendments made during the Middle Ages. Its elliptical form comprises 58 blocks. The smaller ones are made of shale, the larger ones are out of granite. The site is near the chapel of St Gonval and is open to the public all year round.

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