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Located in the south of the Trégor, the charming village of Plounérin and its Regional Nature Reserve invite you to discover the Breton biodiversity!

Discovering our heritage

of Plounérin

Ponds & Monuments

Scrub the moors, meadows and ponds of Plounérin in search of small hidden treasures, small and large beasts… Heritage enthusiasts? Appreciate the Chapelle de Notre-Dame-De-Bon-Voyage, built in the 16th century, as well as its fountain and well. But the presence of the oratory dating from the 15 th century, indicates that there was an older building. Stroll through the small streets of the commune of Plounérin, and discover the dovecotes of Lesmoal and Bruillac, but also the fountain Saint Jean du Réchou!

All leisure activities

in Plounérin

A green setting

Discover the Regional Nature Reserve of Plounérin and its thousand facets through its emblematic animals: the Breton biodiversity is well represented there. To date, more than 1200 animal and plant species are known on this natural space (plant species, birds, horses, butterflies, dragonflies, cows, herons, crickets, etc.). Find facilities planned for the fishing at the new mill pond. Make a stop at its observatory: with a little luck, you may be able to cross paths with an otter!

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