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Land of manors par excellence, this Commune of Rural Heritage of Brittany invites you to walk along the tales of Luzel.

Discovering our heritage

of Plouaret

Land of manors

The venerable oak tree of the Pont Blanc, a centuries-old sentinel of the manor house of the same name, can be approached as closely as possible. The horseman with the anguiped, from the Gallo-Roman period, is sheltered in the solid stone vessel that is the church of N-D de Bonne-Nouvelle. The fountains of St Jean and Maudez, await you for a refreshing stop, serenely installed on their stone bench.

All Leisure Activities

in Plouaret

Breathe in the green

Follow the trail “Around Luzel” and let yourself be transported into the imaginary Tregor region. The traditional buildings are rich in manors and large farms of the Trégor which made the economic prosperity of the interior. Discover them scattered, in a bocage mesh particularly well preserved thanks to the many hiking trails.

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