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Penvénan is home to two seaside resorts, Port Blanc and Buguélès. Protected from the wind, these two resorts are pleasant to stroll along the port, the beaches and the GR34. Come and discover the thief’s rock and the famous Sentinel’s rock in the beautiful village of Port Blanc!

Discovering our heritage

of Penvénan

A historical crossroads

A result of a mixture of historical periods, Penvénan offers a range of heritage sites. Surprising by its particular configuration, come and visit the Notre Dame Chapel, classified as a Historical Monument. The megaliths of Tossen Keller, near the Saint-Gonval chapel, is one of the must-see visits of the commune. Enjoy the Marais du Launay and the Goaster, the lungs of Penvénan: with a bit of luck, you’ll spot little egrets there. For lovers of beautiful gardens, travel thanks to the different themes offered by the Pellinec garden (exotic, English..).

All leisure activities

on Penvénan

A wave of activities

Sheltered by a succession of islets, Penvénan will be your ally for your nautical activities. Go on an adventure by boarding the sailboat Gwennili to visit this beautiful archipelago, and discover the joys of kayaking, paddle and catamaran with the Port Blanc nautical center. Cap Armor invites you to enjoy a good number of sports and cultural activities every summer. Don’t wait any longer to come and laze around on our beautiful beaches of Port Blanc and Buguélès!

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