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Situated in a real green lung, in the heart of the Trégor, Cavan will know how to seduce you by its intimacy, between culture and nature…

Discovering our heritage

of Cavan

Cultural site

Dive into the heart of Cavan, a cultural commune and the center of an archaeological site of a rare density! Numerous archaeological remains are grouped together there: tumuli and enclosures from the Neolithic and Gallic periods. In the town of Cavan, visit the parish church, dedicated to Saint-Chéron, or to Saint-Garan. Stop to observe the Bois-Riou manor house, seat of the ancient seigniory of the same name, and admire the ornately decorated and sculpted doors, its entrance portal and its encorbellated loophole. Enough to delight heritage enthusiasts!

All leisure activities

about Cavan

Entre Art & nature

Give meaning to your leisure time by discovering the Sound Discovery Center! This all-public leisure park located in a wooded valley, offers you a good number of educational, fun and original animations. Live new experiences with the soniferous garden, the musical path and the listening huts. Take the time to listen and be carried away by the sweet melodies that nature offers us! Notice to walkers, enjoy a 12 km hike to discover the Guindy Valley passing through an alley filled with sculptures, the Valley of Arts.

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