Meeting #9Word of BreizhYann Sidaner
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Yann, bike tour guide

This ninth interview takes us to Trégastel to meet Yann Sidaner. Owner of Vélos de la Baie, he reveals his passion for cycling. An original way to discover our region of the Trégor with an electrically assisted bike or classic bike.
Published on 23 August 2022

Parole de Breizh, invites you to discover the Pink Granite Coast through encounters with those who live Brittany, transform it, cultivate it. These ambassadors are craftsmen, artists, producers… but above all, inhabitants of the Trégor. They love the Pink Granite Coast and explain to you why cultivate the essential!”

Cattle breeder in Plufur, Yann Sidaner launched himself in the adventure of Vélos de la Baie, where he offers to guide locals & tourists in the heart of the Trégor and the Pink Granite Coast by electric bike.

Having a deep attachment for cycling, Yann got back in the saddle a few years ago by crisscrossing the region with his children. It is in 2020 that he wet the jersey by creating his company of randos in bike.

the bay's bikes

Yann proposes all year long to rent the bikes freely or take advantage, from April to October, of the guide and go on an accompanied ride and end the ride with a tasting of local products. An original way to survey the Trégor, around Plufur and Trégastel.

Yann’s Chinese portrait

If you were a color? “Orange”
If you were a season? “Fall”
If you were a word? “Perseverance”
And if you were a Breton animal?”

Cultivating the essential

What does the phrase “Cultivate the essential” inspire in your work?

“While hiking with a group of Belgians, I asked a woman if the pace was too slow. She replied that a slower pace than usual gave her a feeling of well-being. And for me, that’s what cultivating the essential is all about. It’s a slower way of life, it’s getting back to softer, slower things.”

Why the Tregor ?

“Living in the heights of Plestin-les-Grèves, I have long criss-crossed the Bas Trégor, and I still do! This is probably what gave me the desire to discover it, through my electric bike rides, by surveying the sunken paths and the beaten tracks around the communes of Plufur and Trégastel.

Its summer bonus? The evening gourmet walk for a discovery and a direct tasting of the producer, in July/August!

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Bicycles of the Bay

All over the chaos of pink granite with extravagant shapes carved for millennia sign this grandiose landscape. Land of contrast and authenticity, you will discover in the company of Yann, child of the Trégor and seasoned cyclist, the small picturesque ports and places full of history, paradise of birds and hikers.

Also discover a multitude of fields, chapels, to meet the heritage, between land and sea from Plufur…

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