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Whisky Armorik, France’s oldest whisky

Capture the secrets of Armorik whisky making at France’s oldest whisky distillery. The Warenghem distillery was founded in Lannion, at the gateway to the Côte de Granit Rose, at the end of the 19th century. In 1983, after a century of producing liqueurs and spirits with Breton flavours, the distillery decided to launch the first 100% Breton… and French whisky.


Published on 3 October 2023

At the gateway to the Côte de Granit Rose, in a brand-new building of wood and steel, Gianni welcomes us and plunges us into the world of Breton whisky. At the end of the visit, he takes us to the middle of the cellars for a commented tasting in search of the subtle aromas of this multi-award-winning beverage.

From the malted barley at the Rest Avel spring to the deliciously pure water, from the heat of the stills to the silence of the cellars, during the tour you’ll tackle the fabulous world surrounding this tasty alchemy behind the development of Armorik whisky entirely produced and aged in oak barrels, here on the Pink Granite Coast!

Secret history and chemistry

Once through the doors of this family-run business founded in the late 19th century we’re immediately immersed in the atmosphere. A chalk sketch on the wall outlines the steps involved in whisky making, and subtle aromas of alcohol waft from the distillation room, inviting us to push open the doors. But first, a quick recap.

Do you know what ingredients are used to make whisky? asks our guide Gianni!

Simply from 3 things: water, cereals and yeast, he continues, as we arrive at the foot of the sparkling copper stills. The tour then moves on to the laboratory area, where we’d love to stay and play chemist’s apprentice, but we’re already in the middle of huge columns of barrels. At the end of the tour, it’s seated in a transformed barrel that you can taste this famous beverage.

Want to find out more about the distillery? It’s possible during the week of economic tourism and know-how.

What is Economic Tourism and Know-How Week?

The aim of the Semaine du Tourisme Économique et des Savoir-Faire is to enable the general public, residents and visitors alike, to (re)discover the local businesses that make up the region’s identity, of all sizes and in all sectors: industrialists, craftsmen, local producers, companies or territorial or municipal bodies, during a Brittany-wide event, promoting their know-how, products and innovations during the autumn vacations, from October 23 to November 5.

Focus on visits to the Warenghem distillery during the event

For the 3rd consecutive edition, the Warenghem Distillery, already well known in the economic fabric of the Côte de Granit Rose, opens its doors on the occasion of the Semaine du Tourisme Économique et des Savoir-Faire. Like 35 other companies in the area, it will be offering unique tours and revealing other facets of its business.

A tour based around apples will enable you to discover “La Fine de Bretagne” and “Le Pommeau de Bretagne”, 2 other products made here on the Pink Granite Coast.

From the Tonquédec orchards to the temporary distillation room, set up specifically for the 2-month production of Fine and Pommeau, you’ll learn all about these two eaux de vies born of the cider-making tradition in Brittany.

A cooperage unique in Brittany

Eager to control the entire production chain and the quality of their products, the distillery in partnership with Benjamin Le Floc’h recently invested in the former buildings of Lannion’s municipal abattoir to install Brittany’s only cooperage.

Barrels are handcrafted here by Benjamin, who is carrying on the family tradition since his father, a forester and later a cooper, already worked with the distillery.

A know-how and a history that the Warenghem distillery would also like to share with you by opening the doors of the cooperage.

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