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Where to go in September? Our 100% Breton destinations

It’s decided, this year you’re taking advantage of the Indian summer to explore northern Brittany? Then you’ve come to the right place: we’ve listed for you the best Côte de Granit Rose destinations to discover in September!
Published on 28 June 2023

While back-to-school may be sounding the death knell for some, for others September is the perfect time to go on vacation. Temperatures are easing and the climate lends itself to exploring backstreets and long walks along the beach. Let’s take a look at some of our top destinations for a sunny, authentic trip in the mild September weather, of course!

Go to Tréguier for a trip back in time

In September, the weather is good, the sky is blue! Take advantage of your vacation in northern Brittany to visit the ancient capital of Trégor. Straddling land and sea,Tréguier is a must-see at all costs on a trip to the Pink Granite Coast. For proof, the Petite Citée de Caractère is not only a stopover on the Breton pilgrimage, the Mon To BreizhⓇ, but also on the Vélomaritime and the Sentier des Douaniers. Between typical narrow streets and coastal paths, heritage and iodized air, there’s something for everyone in Tréguier!

In mild September temperatures, explore the town’s rich heritage: the Saint Tugdual cathedral (one of the most beautiful in Brittany) and its Gothic cloister, the two former shipowners’ towers facing the marina, but also the statue of the Weeping Woman or Ernest Renan’s birthplace… So many places to discover during your stay in Breton country. As an added bonus, every Wednesday the town offers a market on the Place des Halles. With its cobbled streets, timber-framed houses and picturesque atmosphere, Tréguier is a timeless destination that invites you to stroll and wander. Perfect way to start your vacation, don’t you think?

Go to Lannion and immerse yourself in picturesque Brittany

Continue your journey through the picturesque streets of Lannion. Another not-to-be-missed vacation spot in northern Brittany, this town with its Art et Histoire label welcomes you for an authentic interlude amidst its half-timbered houses (dating back to the 15th century, after all!). Not too hot, not too cold: in September, the temperature in its alleyways is simply perfect!

Art lovers, head to L’imagerie, to discover the young artists in the spotlight. For those waiting for Indian summer to fill up on beach activities you won’t be disappointed! At Beg Léguer, on the Goas Lagorn beach, soak up the sun for a swim (water temperature in September: 17°C on average, so be brave!). Spend a lazy afternoon under the sun (I promise, it’s hotter than the water), try your hand at kayaking or whitewater swimming, enjoy a horseback ride against a sunset backdrop…There’s a reason why this season is nicknamed the Indian summer!

If for you, vacations are synonymous with walking in the fresh air, Lannion is also the destination for you. Between stages of the GRⓇ34, the Boucle du Léguer and the Côte de Granit Rose, you’ll have plenty of time to discover some of Brittany’s most beautiful landscapes on its trails! To recover from your efforts, take a break at Barn’s, located in one of the town’s emblematic houses, or take a stroll around the market held every Thursday in the historic heart of Lannion.

Go to the Presqu’île de Lézardrieux for a bowl of nature

What if you swapped the back-to-school bell for a vacation on an island? In the Côtes d’Armor region, rendez-vous sur la Presqu’île de Lézardrieux to make the most of the September sunshine. Surrounded by unspoilt nature, enjoy the charm of the season and immerse yourself (literally) in the Breton coastline. Scuba diving around the island of Bréhat or cruising on the Trieux, beaches and oyster beds… Close your eyes, enjoy the warmth of the sun and your vacation in northern Brittany for a discovery of the country without touching land (or almost!)

For those who prefer terra firma, the town of Lézardrieux is one of this season’s must-see destinations. Fill up on cultural activities as you discover the iconic Bodic lighthouse, the church of Saint-Jean Baptiste or the chapel of Saint-Mahurin. If you like walking, you’ve also come to the right place! Lézardrieux is a major stopover on the GRⓇ34, and offers magnificent panoramas over the island of Bréhat. For this, consider heading to the Kermouster chapel or along the paths of the Perdrix botanical area. Ideal for enjoying the tranquility and warm climate of September on a vacation close to nature (and without rain, what’s more!).

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Go to Plestin-les-Grèves to get some height

Cliffs, rocky coves, sandy beaches and perfect weather. Sounds like a dream destination, doesn’t it? Welcome to Plestin-les-Grèves for your vacation in the Côtes d’Armor!

Under the September sun, enjoy pleasant temperatures as you stroll along Brittany’s largest beach, the Lieue de Grève. With its 4 km length, the bay is an open-air playground. Watch out for the sand yachts, one of the must-try activities on this beach! Unless, of course, you’d prefer to simply lay down your towel, stretch out and soak up the warm rays of the sun… If you’re a walker, don’t worry: the bay can also be explored on foot. Along the coastline, take a stretch of the Mon To BreizhⓇ to climb up to the Grand Rocher, an 84m-high promontory offering a breathtaking view of the bay. Turquoise waters, white sand and the sound of the waves… The dream!

After the effort, the comfort!On your return to town, stop into l’Improbable Café Culturel for a break between history and literature. A little late for coffee? At the Grange Vadrouille, continue your culture-themed evening with concerts, theater and workshops in a festive, family-friendly guinguette bar/restaurant! If you’re more into a DJ set atmosphere, along the beach, le Petit Bain welcomes you to its animated terrace (shellfish atmosphere, even in September). Finally, for travelers in search of authenticity, on Sundays, destination le marché for a colorful trip to the land of kig ha farz. After all, September vacations almost rhyme with gourmet vacations!

Go to Pleumeur-Bodou for an all-in-one break

In September, make a date with art just a few kilometers from Lannion, in the small town of Pleumeur-Bodou. During the Indian summer, the Estran contemporary art festival invites contemporary creation where you’d least expect it: hidden away in the landscapes around Pleumeur-Bodou, Trébeurden and Trégastel. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend a few days on vacation in a cultural and heritage setting. Take advantage of the sunshine to follow the coastal paths in search of hidden works of art! In September, the sun softens to offer you an inimitable light!

At the same time, head to l’île Grande to explore a multitude of landscapes: dunes, and marshes follow one another on the island. You’ll also find your way to the legendary islands of Aval, Canton and Morvil, as well as a unique view of all 7 islands. For an hour or two, trade in your rucksack for a bathing suit: as you turn the bend in the paths, pebble and fine sand beaches await you for a siesta and sunbathing break in perfect weather (beware of sunburn, even in this season!).

On your way back to the mainland, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Cité des Télécoms and the famous Radôme. This impressive structure hides nothing less than the antenna that was used for the first live telecommunication with the USA! After your visit, enjoy a drink on the terrace* at l’Auberge Crec’h Bec. At the program: entertainment and concerts galore!At the Côte de Granit Rose in September, you’re guaranteed to find room on the terrace!

Go landscape hunting in Trébeurden

In September, enjoy the sunshine and charm of the seaside resort of Trébeurden. Follow the trails of theVélomaritime and the Boucle de la Côte de Granit Rose to explore the coastal landscapes of Pointe de Bihit. In the Quellen marshes, look out for Camargue horses and endemic birds. Continue on to Millau Island for a total immersion in Breton country: moors, rocks and pink granite cliffs… Don’t forget your cameras!

Back in town, you’ve earned a well-deserved break on Tresmeur beach. Try your hand at scuba diving around Molène Island, perfect your sailing skills, or just laze around in the pleasant September temperatures. When the sun starts to decline, trade in your towel for a cocktail* at the Cabane Bambou’s. Festive atmosphere guaranteed, even in September!

Go to another world in Trégastel

For your next vacation in the September sunshine, head to the heart of the Côtes d’Armor, a few kilometers west of the famous village of Ploumanac’h. In Trégastel, end your stay in Breton country in a town halfway between beach, heritage and natural curiosities! In September, discover thePlace Sainte-Anne market and take advantage of the season to explore its typically Breton alleyways.

Search for its biscornus rocks scattered across its beaches! And while you’re there, take the opportunity to relax with your feet in the water (or your whole body, it’s up to you!) Along the coast, follow the GR34 for a loop around the unmissable Presqu’île Renote, or take a boat to the archipel des 7 îles. This protected natural site offers an unforgettable spectacle: gannets, puffins and razorbills crowd the rocks. As your guide explains, you’ll discover the Pink Granite Coast from a whole new angle. Back on land, those more motivated by the sun can continue their exploration by taking the Vélomaritme back down to the Vallée des Traouïéro, for a visit to the land of fairies and korrigans! One thing’s for sure, when you return from your vacation, northern Brittany and its landscapes under the September light will hold no more secrets for you!

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