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The Castel in TrebeurdenThe Castel in Trebeurden
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Where to go in April ? A road trip on the Pink Granite Coast

You want to make a road trip in Brittany? We have listed for you the must-see stops for your van trip on the Pink Granite Coast!
Published on 22 February 2023

In April, we slip the raincoat as well as the bathing suit into the car, heading to Brittany for an unusual vacation in road trip mode on the Pink Granite Coast!

As spring is coming, the thermometer is showing higher temperatures. On the Pink Granite Coast, or Aod ar vein ruz for the real Bretons, the weather is good, the sky is blue and the landscapes sumptuous! In family with children, with friends or solo, forward (Guingamp)!

Stage 1: Destination Lannion, for a day under the sign of history!

Start your journey at the end of the Leguer estuary, in the capital of the Trégor: Lannion. This picturesque little Breton village with a fascinating history plunges you into the past, as evidenced by the multitude of half-timbered houses dating from the 15th century that proudly adorn its streets. An enchanting vacation setting, worthy of a postcard! To learn more about this small city of character, head to the town’s Tourist Office, to meet Ella or Morgane (the fairy perhaps?), the time ofa guided tour.

Stroll through the village alongside them, from the quays of Aiguillon to the Ursuline Chapel, via the 142 or so steps leading to theChurch of the Trinity of Brélévenez. Arriving at the top, the highlight of the show: a superb panorama of Lannion is offered to you. The photo spot par excellence for a family snapshot. Enjoy, it is well deserved. The day is coming to an end and the ascent to the church has left you with an appetite? Begin your descent, destination the Beach Bar, for a gastronomic journey this time! While the children dare to take a swim in April (the brave ones!), let your eyes rest on the sea as far as the eye can see, before bringing it to your delicious casserole of mussels marinière. On the abandoned beach, shellfish… are on the plate!

Our best seaside addresses for an April lunch on the Pink Granite Coast 😋:

STAGE 2: Head to Trédrez-Locquémeau to visit the Domaine du Dourven with your family

After visiting our authentic Breton villages, continue your journey along our Breton coasts, heading to the Domaine du Dourven. At this time of year, it is an ideal destination to spend a family day out in nature during your stay!

Located on the commune of Trédrez-Locquémeau on the Pink Granite Coast, the GR34 hiking trail crosses this enchanting natural area sublimated at this time of the year. In April, the temperatures soften and the spring sun offers the Pink Granite Coast some pleasant degrees. Here, on 43 hectares, eclectic landscapes parade before your eyes as you progress between sea and forest.

Follow a small sandy path in the shade of the pines: it leads you straight to the small beach of Kirio, a small white dot in the middle of the blue sea and the green forest. It’s time to take out your share of kouign-amann to get your strength back! Sitting on the beach, you will see on a clear day (and this is likely in April!) the chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Yaudet.

Then take the customs path to the tip of Dourven, from where the island Milliau, the Pointe de Bihit to Trébeurden are revealed. Finally if the Breton rain invites itself, destination the contemporary art gallery of Dourven!”

Our best B&B addresses to go in April on the Pink Granite Coast 🛌:

STAGE 3: In April, destination the castles of the Trégor heart of Brittany

After a restful night, for the next destination of your trip, take the royal road! Head south of Brittany, towards the road of the mostbeautiful castles of the Tregor. In April, under the Breton sun, the parks of these hundred-year-old architectural treasures are teeming with flowers and scents to the delight of families. For children, between medieval castles, drawbridges and dungeons (and maybe dragons?), the Trégor region is the perfect destination! In April, it’s the perfect time to enjoy it!

Dive into history with a visit to theChateau de Rosanbo. This monument has continued to evolve architecturally to become the masterful work it is today. After surveying the interior, head for the park to enjoy the welcome shade of the vaulted bower (the longest in France!).

After Rosanbo, head forthe castle of Kergrist, The Pearl of the Trégor! If the castle is a real gem with its U shape and octagonal tower, in April, you will also be surprised by its sublime French-style gardens labeled remarkable gardens. A few kilometers away, in the heart of an enchanted forest, the ruins of the Fortress of Tonquédec are just begging to be explored. An opportunity for children to put their history lessons into practice! Towers, armor, drawbridges or machicolations, will they be able to recognize them all?

Finally, this stay in the Middle Ages ends further north, with a visit to the Château de la Roche Jagu and its fairy-tale park of 64 hectares, proudly overlooking the Trieux estuary. Endowed with the remarkable garden label, it will know how to delight you! Under the April sun, young and old children will be able to appreciate the abundant cultural program. Workshops, exhibitions, concerts, shows… all tastes are in nature, literally!

The top 4 most beautiful castles of the Trégor to visit in April during your vacations in Brittany 🏰

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STAGE 4: Small city, big character: a day in Tréguier

Continue your road-trip on the Pink Granite Coast by heading to the former capital of Trégor: Tréguier.Curled in an estuary, visited by the Jaudy and Guindy rivers, this small city of character, one of the most beautiful on the northern coast of Brittany, offers a trip back in time in every season!

Tréguier is one of the seven stages of the Breton pilgrimage Mon Tro Breizh® (or Tour de Bretagne). Along the villages and beaches, between Saint-Brieuc and Saint-Pol-de-Léon, the myth tells that the Bretons must complete this 2000 km loop in their lifetime to reach paradise. Better to leave now, isn’t it?

As you arrive in the city, stand with your back to the port, and look up to admire the two old shipowners’ towers that marked the entrance to Tréguier. Stroll quietly to the town’s Tourist Office, where Yvette, your guide to Tréguier, awaits you for the day. Follow her through the maze of cobbled streets and head for the Martray square, decorated by some of the 57 emblematic half-timbered houses of the town. But the one that naturally catches your eye is the Cathedral of Saint Tugdual, adorned with its famous spire. Of Gothic style, it is one of the most beautiful in Brittany!

STAGE 5: A vacation in the heart of Breton iodine gardens

After this cultural and historical stage, a little greening is in order! Set out to discover the iodized parks and gardens of the beautiful Breton country, a real invitation to contemplate and stroll under the April sun!

Near Tréguier, destination the Gardens of Kestellic for the time of a day. Over 7 hectares of greenery, 1800 species spread over three thematic gardens await you. The reliefs of the estate promise a magical sensory journey, mixed with a very romantic dimension!

Nearby, The Gardens of Kerdalo welcome you to Trédarzec. This domain, a true hymn to nature and poetry, takes you on a journey of Italian and exotic inspiration. Enjoy these precious moments with your family, that’s also what vacations in Brittany are all about!

The Pellinec garden in Penvenan, also labeled as a remarkable garden, is a must-see place for nature lovers. Unique in its kind, it offers in an enchanting setting, varieties of rare and unusual plants.

STEP 6: An April Vacation in La Roche Derrien

The small towns of characterconstruct the landscape of Brittany. Why not go to La Roche Derrien with your family during your April vacation?

Built on a rocky promontory, La Roche Derrien dominates the Jaudy estuary.This coveted former stronghold is marked by the communities of artisans and merchants who have made their homes there over the years. Take the temperature of the town by walking in their footsteps, especially on the banks of the Jaudy where the ragpickers lived.

Then walk up to the Chapelle du Calvaire, and enjoy the view of the town and the valley. Stroll through the streets of the Calvary and the church, and then head to the church of Saint Catherine. Fortified as the years go by, you can make out the remnants of its ancient battles. Go to La Roche Derrien, it’s a real trip back in time!

In spring and especially in April, La Roche Derrien hosts many flea markets and medieval festivals. This is an opportunity to celebrate with family or friends the rich historical heritage of the town, while enjoying local specialties of course!

Enjoy a unique moment, discovering the little town as you never imagined! Its history is discovered in 360° immersion thanks to the virtual reality available through the application “La Roche in 3D”. What to quickly immerse the whole family to live the sensations in the Middle Ages!

STAGE 7: The Must-See Trails of Ploumanac’h

What better than a hike to close out your April stay along the Pink Granite Coast? Brittany offers walkers sumptuous landscapes between land and sea, to be consumed without moderation (unlike kouign-amann …). And it’s even more enjoyable at this time of year, when the sun comes out, it’s the perfect time for a walk by the sea!

To get started, head for the pretty town of Perros Guirec, on the trails of Ploumanac’h. The route follows the customs road that runs along the sea and some splendid beaches. Start your hike at the Chapelle de la Clarté, then follow the path to the first stop: the Saint-Guirec beach. If you were dreaming of a swim, you’ll have to be particularly daring! In April, the water temperature is around 10 degrees in Brittany… But rest assured, the landscape knows how to be forgiven and the setting is ideal for making sandcastles with the family on the beach!

Leave the beach of Saint-Guirec to go to the lighthouse of Ploumanac’h, one of the most popular spots of the Pink Granite Coast! From its heights, contemplate the panorama on the seven islands and the beach. If you have the sea legs, go to the docks for a sea trip to discover the Seven Islands archipelago. Rouzic, Malban, Bono, l’île aux Moines, l’île Plate, les Costans and les Cerfs constitute one of the important ornithological reserves of France!

Finally, if you wish to discover other fairy-tale landscapes on the Pink Granite Coast, opt for the Granit Rose Tour and tackle 40 must-see points of interest in the region on themed tours!

Our overnight accommodations near Ploumanac’h and Perros-Guirec for your April vacation 🛌:

Remember also that Ploumanac’h was elected favorite village of the French, so why not come and discover it for real?


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