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What to do in Lannion ? Our 8 activities !

What are you looking for to do in Lannion? Sightseeing, wine tasting, nature walks… Here are our top 8 activities!
Published on 24 August 2022

On the Pink Granite Coast between land and sea, nature and culture, relaxation and adventure, there is a link: Lannion!

From the beaches to the banks of the Leguer through the historic center, this city with a rich past is full of surprises of all kinds! Feet in the water or on the trails, here are our 8 unmissable activities to do in Lannion!

Crossing eras in Lannion!

The secret to a successful time travel is to have a good guide! In Lannion, it’s in the city’s tourist office that you’ll find it. Go to the quai d’Aiguillon, facing the waters of the Léguer. Here, your tour guide will be waiting for you for a one and a half hour visit to discover the rich past of this city of the Pink Granite Coast.

It all starts in the Middle Ages. It is by climbing one by one the steps of the Brélévenez stairs leading to its 12th century church that one reaches it. Up there, an unobstructed view of the whole of Lannion awaits you! After listening carefully to the historical comments of your guide and taking some pictures, it’s time to go back down to the center and its half-timbered houses.

As you walk along, you will learn more about the history of the city, its monuments, its architecture but also its legends! From the ferruginous water fountain and its powers to the legend of the Dahut, by choosing to take a guided tour of Lannion, the Pink Granite Coast will no longer have any secrets for you!

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Pushing open the doors of the Templar church of Brélévenez

On the heights of the city, overlooking the coastline and the countryside of the Pink Granite Coast, stands the Trinity Church of Brélévenez: impossible to miss! But if the visit of this holy place dating from the Middle Ages is a must to do in Lannion, it must be deserved and to reach it, you will have to overcome the 140 steps leading to its entrance. Far from being a way of the cross, the granite staircase crosses very pretty stone houses typical of Brittany.

Once you arrive at the top of the Crec’h Tanet hill where the church is located, you will be able to enjoy a superb panorama over the roofs of Lannion, the Leguer and the villages in the surrounding area such as Ploubezre or Ploulec’h.

The rest of the visit takes place in the church where superb colored statues, two altarpieces, numerous granite sculptures as well as a crypt await you. As you walk around the building, you can admire the mix of architectural styles ranging from the 12th century to the early 15th century. As you walk along the stone walls of the church, a whole part of Brittany’s history comes to light.

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Walking through the historic center

When strolling through the center of Lannion, you will be greeted by sublime half-timbered houses, remnants of the city’s golden age. Their facades dating from the 15th and 16th century, their slates and their colored shop windows seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. Of medieval and Renaissance inspiration, today these beautiful buildings are still standing for the greatest happiness of amateur photographers.

To enjoy these postcard sceneries, just stroll through the narrow cobbled streets of Lannion. A symbol of a time when the port city was one of the most prosperous in Brittany, they are now home to shops, bars and restaurants. If you are looking for a little break during your visit to Lannion and the Pink Granite Coast, sit on a terrace in front of one of these wood-panelled houses. Under the Brittany sun, while tasting a delicious local specialty, take a dive into the Lannion of the Middle Ages.

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Enter the Ursuline Chapel

Did you enjoy these first historical and cultural discoveries? Good news, there’s another one waiting for you: the chapel and former convent of the Ursulines! Yes, if you are a fan of beautiful stones, there are things to do in Lannion! If today the nuns have left this holy place, it is still possible to admire the exterior architecture of the 17th century as well as the rooms hosting numerous exhibitions.

Under the stone walls, painters, sculptors, photographers and other regional artists take advantage of this place full of history to present their works. All year long, people come here with their families to discover their work as well as the Ursuline Chapel, a holy and emblematic place of the city of Lannion.

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Getting green

After walking on the cobblestones and admiring the stone, it’s up to you to take to the trails, the green and the fresh air! For this, head for the Goas Lagorn valley, its beach and its circuit crossing moors, dunes, hedgerows and forests. It is under the trees of the woods of Trébeurden that your adventure in the middle of nature begins. Between forests and meadows, you will be able to see the Saint-Thurien Chapel perched above the valley as well as the ruins of the Crec’h Meur Meur farm. Then, it is the turn of the moors and dunes to make their appearance and little by little, you leave the earth for the sand and the trees of the forest for some maritime pines.

Finally, to close this beautiful walk through the valley of Lannion with a touch of iodine, end on the beach of Goas Lagorn. Rest on the sand, swim, surf or bodyboard session… The coastline of the Pink Granite Coast is the perfect place to regain strength after your hike!

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Take the plunge

If you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping in Lannion, follow the course of the Léguer River to the Sports Nature base. Here, you can indulge in many whitewater activities such as kayaking or rafting. After paddling in the Leguer, come back to dry land for an introduction to archery, an accrobranche or climbing course, an orienteering race or a mountain bike ride. On land, in the air or in the water, Lannion is a real playground for thrill-seekers!

After testing your skills in the river, would you like to know if your foot is also marine? From the Sport Nature base in Lannion, it is possible to leave for a day or half-day for a discovery of the Pink Granite Coast in sea kayak. To the rhythm of the waves and winds and the strength of your arms, explore the most beautiful places of the coastline.

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Putting the little dishes in the big ones

Located between countryside and sea, beach and river, in Lannion, you can find both iodized and earthy tastes. And when all these flavors are combined on the menu of local restaurants, it results in great dishes! Cider, galettes, seafood, salted butter caramel, Kouign Amann… On the Pink Granite Coast, you will have the privilege of tasting the best of Brittany.

For a unique taste experience, we recommend you to go to the starred restaurant l’Anthocyane in Lannion. In this modern venue with refined cuisine, the chef sublimates the region’s products in a tasting menu that is as creative as it is gourmet: an experience your taste buds will remember for a long time!

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Wandering among the stalls

If you’re wondering how the region’s restaurateurs get such good produce, you should find your answer by strolling through Lannion’s market. Every Thursday, the center comes alive with the scent of fruits, vegetables and sausage patties. On the stalls, you will find some classics from Brittany like artichokes, coconuts beans from Paimpol as well as seafood and freshly caught fish. We prefer to warn you, it’s hard to resist!”

But beyond the delicious specialties you can taste, the Lannion market is unique for its friendly and 100% local atmosphere. To the sound of Breton music and the crackling of billigs, let yourself be carried away by this unmissable weekly event of the city.

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