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Weekend in love in Brittany : our ideas of activities !

Are you planning a romantic weekend in Brittany? We have listed for you the best activities to do with your other half!”

Published on 22 September 2022

Dreaming of a romantic weekend in Brittany to hug each other and talk softly? In that case, head for the Pink Granite Coast. Stroll along the beach, restaurant for two, thalasso, discovery of the islands … Everything is gathered for your idyll.

Then, you can take the sailor, the oilskin and boots to face the iodized air but above all, we are sure that this escapade will be happy!”

Waking up in a hotel
with a sea view

Want to dive into an ocean of happiness and surf on waves of tenderness? Then make the choice of a hotel room with a sea view for your romantic weekend in Brittany.

Here, you will start each day in the most beautiful way. From the moment you wake up to breakfast, the view of the coast, the sound of the waves as well as the face of your beloved will brighten up your morning (hey yes, there is not always a need for sunshine!).

And because for your other half, nothing is too beautiful, don’t settle for a night in a hotel with your feet in the water! Opt for a stay in a romantic bed and breakfast, a hotel with spa and pool or even a castle. Between your discoveries of Brittany in love and your days on the beach, you will be able to allow yourself a moment of relaxation. Facing the sea, get a massage, dive into the invigorating water of a spa or a jacuzzi and look in the same direction together. During this romantic weekend in Brittany, no gray skies, no storms, just a few days of love and well-being!

Take a romantic walk
hand in hand

Being in love is above all about following the same path! So if you want to continue walking in each other’s footsteps, take advantage of this romantic weekend in Brittany to take the most beautiful paths together. First step of this itinerary: a walk by the sea, on le Grand Rocher of Plestin-les-Grèves. In the heart of a wild and preserved nature, move forward hand in hand pushed by some sea spray.

Continue then to the Pointe du Dourven, the perfect place to have a picnic in the shade of the maritime pines with a breathtaking view of Trébeurden. Then, because you shouldn’t forget to exercise during your romantic weekend in Brittany, we’ll take you to climb the staircases of Brélévenez.

Finally, as the day draws to a close, head for the Presqu’île Renote in Trégastel. On this classified natural site, where the granite chaos plays with the moor to leave room for the imagination, settle down to admire the sunset on Ploumanac’h before the night falls. By the way, we take the opportunity to give you a piece of advice. If you have an important request to make during this romantic weekend in Brittany, the Renote Peninsula is the ideal place!

Our most beautiful walks for your romantic weekend in Brittany

Sleep in an art gallery
in love

During your romantic weekend in Brittany, take your muse to an art gallery and put paintings in her eyes! For this, after the picnic at the Pointe du Dourven, we give you an appointment in the eponymous gallery: the Galerie du Dourven in the heart of the natural park. It is by taking a hiking trail along the sea that we reach this space dedicated to contemporary art for the least unusual. With the sea as a backdrop, walk in love through each room and admire the walls of this unusual place where nature and culture are mixed.

After this visit, another artistic escapade awaits you at the Imagerie in Lannion. In the heart of the city, this space showcases great photographers as well as young contemporary creators. With more than 400m2 of exhibitions, you’ll be surprised. If visiting exhibitions and galleries together is part of the activities that make you vibrate, during your romantic weekend in Brittany, you will be served!

Our art galleries to visit during your romantic weekend in Brittany

Meet the local artisans
and give him/her a gift!

After going for a walk and having a candlelit dinner, a night of rest, a spa and a thalasso, you’re sure of it, it’s with him/her that you want to continue the adventure! So to mark this day with a precious stone, push the doors of the local jewelers and jewelers. If you want to take advantage of your romantic weekend in Brittany to ask for the hand of your beloved or simply to make a small gift, push the door of the jewelry workshop of Jutta Behr-Schaeidt in Lannion. Listening to you, Jutta will be able to create for him/her a unique piece of jewelry: gold ring, silver necklace, earrings set with precious stones… here, you are sure to find the rare pearl!

The other store not to be missed during your romantic weekend in Brittany is in Tréguier: Ys Paris. Here, it is the mother-of-pearl of the abalone of Brittany that we work to make jewelry as beautiful as unusual. For the pleasure of giving or for a happy event, if you are looking for a gift for your other half during this romantic weekend in Brittany, you will find your happiness at these Breton craftsmen!

Our artisans to discover during your romantic weekend in Brittany

Dinner or lunch for two
at a Michelin-starred chef

Between gastronomy and the person you share your life with, your heart swings? Good news, during your romantic weekend in Brittany, you won’t have to make a choice! Our technique: invite your other half to lunch or dinner in a starred restaurant! Between your partner looking you in the eyes and your dish coming, you won’t know where to turn at the table! On the menu, you will be able to taste some of the most refined products of Brittany such as lobster, langoustine, scallops or even Roscoff onions.

For this lunch or dinner for lovers, two addresses pull their weight: the Anthocyane in Lannion and the Manoir de Lan Kerellec in Trebeurden. These two restaurants are perfect for a romantic and gourmet moment. All you have to do is put your feet under the table and let the chefs treat you. Yes, during this romantic weekend in Brittany, get ready to touch the stars!

Our most gourmet addresses for a romantic weekend in Brittany

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