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Weekend in Brittany : our 100% authentic ideas

Go and discover our singular lands of the Pink Granite Coast with friends, family or simply for a weekend in Brittany under the sign of relaxation.

Published on 6 October 2022

Iodized air of the Trégor, colored beak of the puffin, glittering wild rivers and sound of waves on the thousand-year-old rocks… A sweet melody that lies in the north of Brittany, on the Pink Granite Coast.

So, to discover this Breton score in more detail, head to our 3 ideas for an unforgettable weekend in Brittany. Exploration and hiking in tribe, organic workshop between girlfriends, spa in love or golf solo … Let us blow you some inspirations for your vacation on the Pink Granite Coast!”

Idea #1: Family weekend

About the fauna and flora !

It’s decided, for your next escapade with your tribe, you want to go green? It’s a good thing we’ve concocted the ideal program for you. In Brittany, the Pink Granite Coast is a real life-size playground!

On the hunt… for Brittany’s treasures!

To get your brains working as a family while enjoying spectacular panoramas, start your nature weekend in the Pink Granite Coast by discovering the Goariva site. Perched at more than 300 meters high, its wind turbines will make your head spin! If the panorama on the Trégor and the Monts d’Arrée will be the occasion to take some nice pictures with your family, on the spot, a treasure hunt will put everyone to contribution along a splendid course! Will you be able to solve all the riddles? Good luck adventurers!”

Like a fish in the water

During your family weekend in Brittany, go up the Léguer valley and try the initiation to fly fishing! Here, the rivers sparkle and are home to magical wildlife like the otters you may be lucky enough to observe…

Underwater, salmon and trout may let themselves be approached, but here, we fish…and release! An activity that will thrill young and old Sunday fishermen alike!

To discover another environment…aquatic, how about going for a hike in the Quellen Marsh? A real treasure trove of flora and fauna, you will witness the life of frogs, dragonflies and certainly the habits of Camargue horses. They will point the tip of their nose through the reed beds… Keep your eyes open!

A holiday in Brittany as if on wheels

An ideal activity for the little ones (as well as the older ones) to get some exercise, how about opting for a ride on Velek’Tro? This electrically assisted bike is available for rental by the day or week throughout the Pink Granite Coast. It is both an ecological and fun way to explore the natural wealth of our territory of France. So, let’s all saddle up!”

For an immersion in the heart of nature

During this weekend in Brittany, set off to explore the Beffou Forest by taking the forest trails. Thanks to its electric assistance, you will be able to (easily) discover the nature gems that are hidden in this historical forest. Indeed, the forest massif of Beffou covers more than 630 hectares and shelters, in its heart, the Pavé, the highest point of the Trégor, at 322 m. It climbs!

Sleeping with the birds of Brittany

After playing the budding adventurer, a good night’s sleep is in order for your weekend in Brittany with your family. To continue in an exploratory mood, opt for an unusual accommodation! Would you like our opinion? On the Pink Granite Coast, spending a night in a yurt or else in a cabin perched in the forest is an experience that will satisfy everyone! The little ones will be amazed by the flora and fauna around them. This trip promises to be unforgettable!

Idea #2: weekend with girlfriends

Papering and chatting

With a weekend with your girlfriends on the Pink Granite Coast, are you hesitating between beach sessions, oyster tasting and one of our many hiking or biking tours?

An unusual activity… and ecological!

More like a cocooning weekend, chatting and… cosmetics? To start off your relaxing weekend with girlfriends, head for a workshop to make your own beauty products! The opportunity here, to meet with friends around emulsifiers. At the end, you will leave with your own blush or night oil! Depending on the date and the theme, this workshop takes place in a different town: Trégastel, Trébeurden or Pleumeur-Bodou. A good opportunity to have a little tour of the most beautiful villages of the Pink Granite Coast, right?

Islands and girlfriends for lunch

To continue the day in town, head to a seafood and oyster tasting in the Trégor. At an inn in Trégastel or a restaurant facing the sea and islands in Trébeurden, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Here, periwinkles and crabs will celebrate with good vintages… And you too!

Tailor-made accommodation!

For your weekend with your girlfriends in Brittany, stay in a seaside hotel to put your towels down in the morning on the Coz-Pors beach, facing the Round Island! If you are more into fresh water than salt water, choose one of our hotels with a swimming pool! If you’re more into fresh grass, spend a night inland, in Plouaret or near the forest of Beffou. The opportunity to book a guest room and share a friendly dinner with the hostess or the master of the house and learn all the secrets of the region!

Idea #3: Wellness weekend

Absolute relaxation
for young seniors!

It’s time to take a deep breath of fresh air by organizing a weekend on the Pink Granite Coast! On the agenda: relaxation in a spa hotel on the coast, solo or duo massage, lunch on the beach in Trégastel with a view of the Archipelago of 7 islands and a wild game of golf. A stay all yours, where the key word will be: serenity and pleasure.

Brittany at the table

What would be an exceptional weekend in Brittany, without pancakes, galettes and seafood platters? Head to the many restaurants of the Pink Granite Coast, to feast on langoustines, cheeses and delicious sparkling nectars! To go even further in the experience of the flavors of our land, head for the oysters of Trégor, the pearl of our heritage. Sit back and enjoy these iodized specialties accompanied by a salty breeze, a drizzle of lemon, a glass of white wine, always in moderation, and a splendid view of the beach or the harbor!

At the table with the stars

Did you know? The Pink Granite Coast reaches the top thanks to its Michelin-starred restaurants! During your weekend relaxation in Brittany, make your taste buds aware of exceptional dishes during a 100% starred lunch or dinner. On the menu of this gastronomic show: quality products, mastered cooking and iodized flavors. We love it!

To get your puck in gear, head to Lannion or Trébeurden!

A 100% Green weekend

What would a relaxing vacation be without its game of Golf? To give a boost to your relaxing weekend in Brittany, opt for a Golf session in the heart of the moors and pines! Overlooking the Pink Granite Coast, the Saint-Samson Golf Course is hilly, which gives it an amazing variety of kicks* (ball bounce)!
And of course, after the effort, the comfort, and for that, the restaurant of the Golf course is waiting for you on its hill to taste lobsters, abalone or even local products between land & sea!!

Relaxation & Spa in Brittany

A 100% relaxing weekend on the Pink Granite Coast, without a stay in one of our accommodations with spa? Impossible. The opportunity here to let your thoughts wander during a massage, a hammam or a jacuzzi session: close your eyes, you’d almost think you were on a desert island!
For the choice of the room and your accommodation, we let you choose the view? Rather beach, sea or forest view?
We’ll let you find your ideal accommodation!

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