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Fous de Bassans de l'Archipel des 7 IlesFous de Bassans de l'Archipel des 7 Iles
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Top destinations for nature vacations in Brittany

Do you fancy a nature vacation, or some stunning scenery in Brittany, especially on the Côte de Granit Rose? We’ve put together a top 7 list of destinations for you to discover wild Brittany, in all seasons, In the heart of protected nature reserves and sites, set off to meet preserved fauna and flora unique in France!

Published on 21 August 2023

Behind its pretty beaches, Brittany also knows how to be wild! Yes, on land and at sea, the region is just like its inhabitants: it’s not lacking in character. But rest assured, the Côte de Granit Rose and the Côtes d’Armor don’t bite! Better still, they offer a real change of scenery. So if you’d like to get closer to this wild Brittany and even try to tame it during your vacation, we’ve listed 7 places where you can observe it!

Sillon de Talbert

Swimming in the sea

Does walking on water sound unthinkable? Well, it’s possible in Brittany! On the pebbles and sand of the Sillon de Talbert, you’ll find a passageway between land and sea. Above the waves, swept by spray and sunlight, a new world welcomes you.

Forget the seafront and the beach, here you enter the heart of wild Brittany. As you move along, the landscape takes on the air of a mirage, and the inhabitants of the Sillon, terns, gravelots and larks come to welcome you. Sheltered on this wild strip of land, they live as a family far from the beaten track of the Pink Granite Coast. Without disturbing their peace and quiet, come and meet them and explore this piece of wild Brittany, this treasure of nature that serves as their holiday resort.


From chasm to castle

Like Brittany and its inhabitants, Plougrescant’s coastline appears as wild as it is elusive. But once tamed, the granite heaps and steep cliffs of the Gouffre de Castel Meur open onto a small stone cottage nestled between the rocks. Like a regional metaphor, sometimes you have to tame Brittany’s wild character to discover its gentle way of life.

On the trails that wind along the bay, follow the path leading from the Gouffre de Plougrescant to the Pointe du Château. At the end of this royal road winding between moors, rocks and wild flowers, one of Brittany’s most beautiful landscapes is revealed. Sitting facing the waters of the English Channel, enjoy the view of Petite Île, Île d’Er, the tip of the Sillon de Talbert and the sea.


Vallée des Traouïero

Enter a world of enchantment

Away from the beaches and coastline, the scenery turns green and you enter a new universe. Under the oak and chestnut trees of the Traouïero valley, a wild and legendary Brittany opens its doors to you. Follow the course of the Kerougant river and set off for a stroll through the forests of the Côte de Granit Rose. After a few meters, you’ll probably sense a presence in the woods. Don’t be frightened, many korrigans live hidden in this verdant valley.

Along the walk, you’ll be able to see their dwelling: a cave carved out of a granite chaos. And many other legends will punctuate this day in the Traouïero valley, we’ll let you discover them on the spot!

Vallée de Goas Lagorn

Water, earth and stone

Now that you’ve discovered the green and wild side of Brittany your heart sways between coast and forest? Then head for the Goas Lagorn valley, one of the most beautiful natural sites in the Trégor region. Here, sea, land and stone mingle to form an atypical setting.

To get there, simply follow the GR34. This walk in the heart of wild Brittany begins in a green area teeming with life. After crossing a few meadows, under a magnificent sun, a path guides you along streams where graceful damselflies twirl. As you approach the beach, a breathtaking view of the sea awaits you, either on the sand or on top of the cliffs. Continue your walk and, at the bend in the path, the stones of the Saint Thurien chapel join the picture. Fire, water, earth… “Tann, dour, douar”… here, in this valley, are brought together the symbolic elements of Breton culture and the treasures of wild Brittany.

Le Léguer

Your guide to Brittany

Whether sea or river, on the coast or inland, in Brittany water is everywhere! The only place you won’t find it is in the sky, of course. So if you’re looking for a change from iodized bathing, follow the course of the Léguer: wild rivers of Brittany. On the banks of this small Breton river, you can swim, fish, canoe or simply relax in the shade of the trees.

Start out on the Côte de Granit Rose, little by little, the salty air gives way to the scents of woods and valleys. As you head inland, suddenly salmon and otters are swimming beside you.

Continuing this river journey, you’ll pass through forests, moors, unspoilt natural sites, meadows… all the way to the Monts d’Arrée. To discover Brittany and its wildest scenery, nothing could be simpler: let the Léguer be your guide!

L’étang du moulin neuf

An animal paradise

If you’re looking for a quiet, green natural space, follow us as we take you to the paradise of otters and wild horses: l’étang du moulin neuf! Far from the waves and hustle and bustle of the beaches, in this setting of wild Brittany, peace reigns. On a family vacation, take the kids to learn about the region’s endemic species that inhabit the pond. Take part in an investigation by assisting Inspector Fri Furch (curious in Breton) on the trail of a criminal lurking on the banks of the pond. Play detective and discover the green side of the Pink Granite Coast in the midst of this wilderness!

Ile Milliau

Une randonnée iodée

Direction Trébeurden on the Côte de Granit Rose, and more precisely Ile Milliau. This pretty confetti is home to a thousand treasures jealously guarded by the Conservatoire du Littoral. To get there, there’s no pier: you’ll just need to bring your walking schedule and a good pair of sneakers! A hundred meters separate the island from the mainland, and in the middle, a rocky chaos to climb, then a short climb through undergrowth, takes you to the heart of the island. You’ll come across a few rabbits hopping about on the moor.

The scenery is grandiose! The paths wind between pink rocks and gorse, and above all the view of the sea all around invites you to contemplate. A dolmen, a vestige of its Neolithic past, leads the way to the island’s summit, where the 360° panorama is breathtaking. After this 3 km stroll, it’s time to cross back over and join Le Castel and Père Trébeurden, who watches over the resort.

After the effort… The comfort!

In Brittany, we love hiking, swimming and effort, but what we love above all is comfort! After surveying the region’s wild landscapes, you’re invited to share a convivial moment with the Bretons! All you have to do is get your feet under the table in a local bistro and learn a few words of our regional language. Demat (Hello), Mat ar jeu? (How are you?), Ur bannac’h ‘po? (Will you have a drink?) Yec’hed mat ! (Cheers!)… You’ll see it’s not that complicated, and you learn fast! In a bar, a restaurant, a microbrewery, a distillery or a fest-noz, finish this discovery of wild Brittany with a moment as warm as Breizh!

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