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I prepare my suitcase to come on the Pink Granite Coast ©Pexels Timur Weber (1)I prepare my suitcase to come on the Pink Granite Coast ©Pexels Timur Weber (1)
©I prepare my suitcase to come on the Pink Granite Coast ©Pexels Timur Weber (1)|Pexels Timur Weber

The essentials to put in your suitcase to come to Brittany

It’s the vacations! A feeling of fullness, mixed with a certain excitement, runs through me! We are only a few days away from the big departure of our long awaited vacation. The children can’t stop talking about it. Direction Brittany, and more precisely the Pink Granite Coast!

Published on 17 February 2023

But first, I’m going to have to make a list of must-have things to pack for our stay in Brittany to make sure I don’t forget anything! With all the activities we’ll be doing during our vacation on the Pink Granite Coast, I’m going to have to cultivate the essentials!

Most importantly, don’t forget sunglasses, beach stuff: swimsuits, towels, bucket and rake…, T-shirts, shorts, sneakers for the walks and a little wool for the evening. And flip-flops! There is even a summer festival called “Put on your flip-flops”. We must be able to take pictures to immortalize all our good moments between us. So, I think I’m ready to go or almost ready to go…
_ “No, kids! Surfboards don’t fit in the suitcase!!!”

All-season clothing!”

In one day, the weather can be variable. You know the saying, “in Brittany, the weather is nice several times a day!”. So I’m going to pack clothes for all weather and all types of activities. We have planned many activities: hiking, beach days, shopping, sea outings… So we have to plan clothes for warm, cool and rainy weather. So to be ready for any event, we will obviously be well equipped! Here’s what we’re going to pack with us:

Some basics like jeans, pants, shorts, dresses… In short, the must-haves for every day.

The essential, swimsuit especially not to forget, it is also the first piece that children put in their suitcases when we go on vacation, they are so eager to jump into the water! They will end up, as every year, with their skin all crumpled up from a day in the waves.

With all that, I can already imagine my feet sinking into the sun-warmed sand, then setting up my beach towel, slathering myself with sunscreen, sunglasses and it’s off to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach to the fullest.

In Brittany, the weather is fine several times a day.

Breton proverb

Then we will also take warm jackets for windy days as well as raincoats if it rains. These clothes will fit our program perfectly windbreaker to go out and meet the seabirds of the 7 islands or to hike the customs trail.

I also added a sweater. Iit’s true that evenings are often cool in Brittany, so it will be more comfortable to have it with us when we return from fest-noz or after admiring a sublime sunset on the beach in Trégastel.

Finally, for shoes, we’ll plan on comfortable sneakers or hiking boots to discover the many hiking trails that the Pink Granite Coast has to offer. I can already imagine the kids climbing the granite boulders and playing hide and seek in the wooded areas. For the beach, we’ll take sandals or flip-flops, even if the kids largely prefer to be barefoot.

Let’s have some fun!”

We’re planning on spending some beach time with the kids. So I’m going to pack a bag with beach games for them to play in the sand and water: digging with a shovel, creating castles and bridges, trying to fill a hole with water… they love it! Even though a bucket and a shovel are enough to have fun at the water’s edge, this year we went out and bought different accessories like creative molds, rakes or watering cans, they will be able to let their imagination run wild.

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It’s in the box!

My must-have for going on vacation is obviously the camera. It allows you to capture beautiful vacation memories, just like the smartphone that is always at hand. I will make room on the memory cards of our cameras to be sure to capture every moment of our vacation. When we get home, they will definitely be shared on my instagram account! Real budding photographer that I am! This will also be an opportunity to introduce the kids to a new vacation activity. They will be delighted to show their shots to grandma and grandpa.


Having the essentials with you

Who says vacation, inevitably says walks and the need to provide a small backpack that will accompany us everywhere to store our stuff for the day during our escapades. Of course, it must be well balanced! Not too full to avoid backaches but not too empty to be efficient. Lucas gives me the caps that I hasten to put in the bag. They join the various essentials for our vacation in a few hours! Among them:

  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Camera
  • K-way
  • Map of the surroundings
  • External battery to recharge phones if needed.

It’s noted !

I will slip a small notebook to note the good moments of our stay, our favorite places or even the good addresses that we will meet on our way like a great restaurant, a small isolated beach…. there is so much to discover !

With this notebook, we will forge our precious memories and we will be able to easily share them with our entourage.

I would have taken a tourist map of the Pink Granite Coast but I don’t have one. I will consult the website and we will go to the Tourist Office to fill up with documentation when we arrive.


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