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Road trip in Brittany : best itinerary – Pink Granite Coast

You want to make a road trip in Brittany? We have listed for you the must-see stops for your van trip on the Pink Granite Coast!
Published on 20 June 2022

More land or more sea, more pancake or galette, more comfort or night out? During a road trip in Brittany, don’t choose! Get in a van (and not a Vannes), head for the Pink Granite Coast for a few days of happiness from Lannion.

Festivals, wild landscapes, villages and beaches, here is our itinerary as complete as a galette for your road trip in Brittany on the Pink Granite Coast!

Get the van in Lannion

Our first advice to start well this road trip in Brittany, around the Pink Granite Coast: choose the ideal van! You are getting ready to live, sleep, eat for several days so better take your time to find the right van for you! To do this, head to the Wevan rental agency in Lannion. Alone, in couple, with friends, no doubt, the perfect van for your road trip is here!

Once you have chosen your new home, go for a little tour of Lannion in order to acclimatize yourself. Practice maneuvering through the narrow, cobblestone streets of this small village and then park near the square for a short stroll. Wander between the half-timbered houses and stone manors and then climb one by one the steps leading up to the beautiful Church of Brélévenez. The visit of this charming town over, it’s time to return to your rolling palace, the next step of the trip: Penvénan!

Dancing at the Buguélès Festival

After a few hours in your new home, we’re sure you’ll want to celebrate the start of your road trip in Brittany! Unfortunately, in the van, you may be a little cramped. So if you want to dance, go to the Festival de Buguélès, at the end of July in Penvénan. On the program: current music, world music and of course traditional Breton songs and Celtic music!”

With the beach of the presqu’île de Buguélès and the sea as a backdrop, take advantage of the first night of your road trip in Brittany to get a taste of the warm and festive atmosphere of the region. You can even park your van on the festival’s camping site and go from the living room to the concert stage in seconds. Yes, that’s the joys of a road trip in a van in Brittany too!

Discover the Yaudet and the Dourven

Was the night short and busy? No worries, for the next step of your road trip in Brittany, we take you to rest. At Yaudet, everything is gathered to enjoy a moment of calm, feet in the water. The only effort you will have to make is to climb a small hill at the end of which stands a magnificent chapel where the view is breathtaking. Then head back down to the estuary and make yourself comfortable on the sand. Be careful though if you fall asleep, in Brittany too the sun can beat down!

Sleep is recovered, now there is still the appetite to fill! Good news, at the crêperie du Yaudet, you can get your strength back by enjoying a delicious galette. The meal is finished? The day can then begin, towards the Pointe du Dourven for a small hike. The exploration begins with a passage through the beach of Kirio and then a walk between cliffs and maritime pines to the point. Along the way, art lovers can push open the doors of the Galerie du Dourven before continuing the path on the hiking trail while enjoying the view of the port of Locquémeau.

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Grave the Great Rock

If the road trip in Brittany is primarily a way for you to get closer to nature, we know the perfect place for your next adventure. Fire up the van and buckle up, you’re invited to meet some local species at the Grand Rocher site in Plestin-les-Grèves. Park your mobile home on the site’s large parking lot and let’s go for a 45-minute walk between beaches, forests, caves and indented coasts. Follow the marked trail leading to the Grand Rocher viewpoint, one of the jewels of the Pink Granite Coast!

As you move along, pay attention, around you more than 300 endemic plant species of Brittany litter the route. After passing by the small beach of Saint-Efflam, finally you arrive on the Great Rock. Sit down for a moment and admire the view on the “Lieue de Grève” and the sea. Nearby, a cave above the water is home to several colonies of bats. And while it’s best not to wake them up, we recommend waiting until nightfall to see them fly away.

Psst, while you’re on your road trip, take the opportunity to take your best selfies! Check out our top 10 instagrammable spots on the Pink Granite Coast!


Getting some height in Plougras

Before setting off on your road trip in Brittany, we should have warned you, in the region, there are not only beaches, harbors and sailors, there are also more earthy landscapes! To discover them, go to the site of Goariva in Plougras. From the 314 meters high summit, you can have an exceptional panorama on the interior Brittany. Moors as far as the eye can see, the rocks of the Monts d’Arrée, some fields and ponds: here are the sceneries of the Pink Granite Coast version of land.

But that’s not all! In addition to offering a breathtaking view of the Regional Natural Park of Armorique, the Goariva site is very playful, perfect if you’re taking your road trip in Brittany with the whole family. Along the itinerary crossing the site you will find games, discovery areas and many activities. So for this trip, don’t just pack bathing suits and oilskins, you’ll also need hiking boots!

Follow the light of Lézardrieux

If during your road trip in Brittany you get lost, here’s our secret: follow the light of a lighthouse! With a little luck, it might lead you to one of the most beautiful on the Pink Granite Coast: the Bodic lighthouse. This spaceship-like building dominates the Trieux estuary and offers a breathtaking view of the sea, Bréhat Island and the surrounding countryside.

While this lighthouse-like structure cannot be visited around, you can go for a nice walk along the estuary. Carried by the winds and sea spray, take a breath of fresh, iodized air around the Presqu’île de Lézardrieux on one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Brittany.

Living an adventure in Plougrescant

Would you be ready to go on a real adventure made of chasms, castles, islands, unusual accommodations and landscapes from the end of the world? If yes (and we are sure it will be yes), head for Plougrescant and its famous chasm! Park your van on the parking lot of the chasm, the rest of the adventure is on foot. Your first mission: walk between the rocks and the moors to the chasm. Then continue along the coastline and beaches in search of the Pointe du Château. When you arrive, you will certainly think that the landscape is a mirage. But no, between two rocks with strange shapes, stands a small stone house giving the scenery a legendary appearance.

So many adventures, it tires! So once is not customary, we invite you to leave your road trip in Brittany in a van for a moment to find a slightly more sedentary home base: a yurt. This semi-nomadic habitat is ideal to end your day in the skin of an adventurer!

Chausser ses tongs au Trévou

If it’s been a week since your last festival and you’re already feeling the need to (re)party, know that in the region, there’s always an opportunity! To dance and discover new musical groups, take the road to Trévou-Tréguignec and its festival “Chausse tes tongs” which takes place at the end of July. Like, the Buguélès Festival, you’ll find a sharp selection of electronic music, world music as well as some local bands and singers.

So if you took off your flip-flops to drive the van on your Brittany road trip, it’s time to put them back on! Beach and swimming during the day, concerts and dancing in the evening, here is the perfect recipe for this stop in Trévou-Tréguignec.

Relaxing in Pleumeur-Bodou

Even on a road trip in Brittany, you’ll see beautiful landscapes, meet new people, taste delicious food… This trip is not all rest so treat yourself to a moment of calm and relaxation by the water. We suggest you isolate yourself for a few days on the Big Island! For this, no need for a boat, a bridge connects the island to the mainland. On the agenda for this island stop: swimming, hiking in the marshes and along the coast, sunbathing and birdwatching.

In the evening, after exploring Ile Grande in length and breadth, come back to land to indulge in a convivial evening at l’Auberge de Crec’h Bec and a well-deserved night at Tonn’o Loisirs, in a wooden dwelling, a barrel or a kota. In addition to sleeping in the heart of nature in a small cabin full of charm, you can enjoy the sauna and jacuzzi. In just one night, you will be invigorated and the fatigue of the road trip will be a thing of the past!

Take one last look at Pointe de Bihit

Eager for one last breath of fresh, iodized air before your Brittany road trip ends? In that case, we suggest you head to the Pointe de Bihit. Sitting in the middle of the heather, with your hair blowing in the wind and the sea in front of you, it’s a condensed version of Brittany that faces you. One last walk, one last photo, one last time with your feet in the water, on the Pointe de Bihit, bid farewell to the Pink Granite Coast.

But don’t be sad, we’re going to let you in on a secret, most (almost all) of the travelers who have ridden the Breton roads have returned the year after!

In Breton immersion

A dive into the Breton culture

During your road trip you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the Breton culture. It is like a force that surrounds you: its language, its music, its legends are present at every moment of the day. So Be Breizh ! The time of a fest-noz or a stroll told in natural, historical or legendary sites. Beware the korrigans are waiting for you !

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