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Postcards Breizh #2

This second Carte Postale Breizh takes us to meet Gislhaine, Alexianne and Aurélie, who all came to stay on the Pink Granite Coast in December. Discover the story of their vacation!

Published on 30 January 2024

Cartes Postales Breizh invites you to discover the Pink Granite Coast through the eyes of those who are visiting for the first or second time, or those who have made their vacations a tradition. They share their discoveries, their favorites and their experiences…


and seaside walks

Gislhaine lives in Paris with her boyfriend, but she’s known Brittany since she was a little girl, as her mom came from Finistère. Memories of family celebrations and picnics on the beach with her cousins fill her head! Hence her eternal attachment to Brittany.

As fate would have it, her daughter met her husband in Trébeurden, giving her the opportunity to discover the region, and immediately fall under its spell.

Gislhaine loves walking, whether in the countryside or by the seaside, so it was only natural that she should go to the Tourist Office to obtain walking itineraries.

During her last stay on the Côte de Granit Rose, Gislhaine hadn’t made any plans. When choosing her walks, she was guided by the weather. In strong winds, she went to the seaside to watch the waves crashing on the rocks and pebbles. She also enjoyed city walks to discover the rich heritage that reflects Brittany’s history.

She went to various markets, because above all she likes to take her time, and it’s also an opportunity for her to talk to the merchants and small producers. December being Christmas market season, she was able to enjoy the warm, festive atmosphere.

For me, walking remains my favorite activity. The scenery is never the same, depending on the tide and the weather. Each of my walks is a new discovery.


Gislhaine and Breton gastronomy

Gislhaine and her friend love Breton gastronomy: mainly fish and shellfish. But they can’t resist a good buckwheat pancake either! The two of them regularly visit the region’s fine restaurants with family and friends.

And to round off the evening, it’s not unusual for them to go for a drink in a seaside café.

Would you recommend the Pink Granite Coast?

“Yes, without any hesitation!

What does the Pink Granite Coast inspire in winter?

“It’s calm and relaxing, and nature always reveals beautiful surprises!”

And what does the phrase “Cultivate the essential” inspire in you?

“It’s about living in the moment, admiring each site we visit and discovering what’s new, it’s about taking advantage of these shared highlights to enrich our thoughts in a positive way.”


Weekend with friends

Alexianne is originally from Vendée and is a student in Angers. She chose to come to Brittany on the Pink Granite Coast for its landscapes, which she had heard about for a long time. So she and her 2 girlfriends decided to spend a few days there in December.

When she arrived, the idea came to her to drop in at the Lannion Tourist Office. They were given a RoadBook which they were able to use throughout their stay, as it was tailor-made to their exact requirements.

Alexianne hadn’t drawn up a precise program, but rather let herself be guided by her desires and the weather!

And she never got bored! With her friends, they went for walks along the seafront in search of breathtaking, and above all Instagrammable, spots! They also went to the Christmas market in Lannion. After a few good slides on the ice rink, Alexianne went for some churros with a nice hot chocolate! Yum!

“We knew that no matter what the weather, there’s always something to do!”


On rainy days (and yes, we’re in Brittany!), the 3 friends went to the cinema and then to the bowling alley, where Alexianne amazed her friends with a string of strikes!

To go out in the evening, we had recommended 2 addresses: Le Barn’s in Lannion and Cabane Bambou’s in Trébeurden. Too hard to choose, they tried both and were not disappointed.

There’s a great energy and a warm atmosphere where everyone knows each other.

Would you recommend the Pink Granite Coast?

“Of course! It’s a unique place with a splendid coastline that’s hard to find anywhere else.”

What were your favorites?

“I loved the sunset on Coz Pors beach in Trégastel. It was magical! And in terms of walks, the Castel isthmus in Trébeurden with its view ofIleMilliau.”

What does the phrase “Cultivate the essential” mean to you?

“It’s a return to simple, authentic things. Buying local and discovering what makes our destination what it is.”


A vacation to recharge your batteries

Aurélie has lived in Bordeaux for twenty years, but was born in Brittany and grew up on the Côte de Granit Rose. She regularly returns to her parents’ home in Lannion with her partner and three children.

The aim of this trip was to celebrate Christmas with her family, but also to recharge her batteries on the coast and meet up with friends. Aurélie had concocted a lovely program for her entire tribe.

On Sunday, they headed for the Lannion Christmas market. Aurélie’s daughter was ecstatic as she had the opportunity to take a turn on the ice rink. They also took the opportunity to do their last shopping before Christmas Eve, with a stop at the famous Gwalarm bookshop. They go there every time they visit Lannion for their choice of books and advice from the booksellers.

The day after Christmas Eve, there was nothing better than a stroll by the sea. The clement weather allowed them to enjoy two of her favorite walks: the tour of Ile Grande for its wild and varied landscapes, and the path from Beg Leguer to Pors Mabo to admire the immensity of the sea.

Aurélie was saddened to see the sight of trees torn up by the storm on the coast. But the scenery remains unique and spectacular.

“At the Christmas market, what a pleasure to enjoy a galette saucisse and mulled wine in the open air. The atmosphere is great, with music and good cheer.”


One afternoon, the little family went to the Forum de la mer in Trégastel.

Bathing in seawater heated to 30°C is a real treat!

They took advantage of the bubbling baths and massaging jets, while enjoying a magnificent view of the beach and its immense pink rocks.

For their last evening, they met up with their friends at the Les Valseuses bar in Lannion for a little concert evening chatting over a beer. Aurélie loved the warm, welcoming atmosphere and vintage decor.

Would you recommend the Côte de Granit Rose?

“Ever since I moved to Bordeaux, I’ve been the Côte de Granit Rose’s best ambassador! For those who fear Brittany’s weather, I’d recommend the warm welcome, the diversity of splendid landscapes and the delights of Breton gastronomy.”

What does Brittany inspire in you in winter?

“The joy of taking a deep breath of air and then warming up in a crêperie.”

What does the phrase “Cultivate the essential” inspire in you?

“It inspires me the well-being we feel every time we come back here!”

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