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Martine Legros at Losser 2Martine Legros at Losser 2
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Martine, fly fisher

This twelfth interview takes us on the Léguer to meet Martine. A return to nature on the banks of a wild river where she practices fly fishing.

Published on 10 February 2023

Parole de Breizh, invites you to discover the Pink Granite Coast through encounters with those who live Brittany, transform it, cultivate it. These ambassadors are craftsmen, artists, producers… but above all, inhabitants of the Trégor. They love the Pink Granite Coast and explain to you why cultivate the essential!”

Born in Reunion, fishing reminds Martine of her childhood memories. In the evenings after school, she would go out with a simple bamboo rod, fishing for crayfish on the coral reef.

After 30 years of living in Paris, Martine yearned for a return to nature. Through her sister-in-law who owns a vacation home in the Trégor, she comes to take her breath of fresh air every year, on the side of Lannion.

Why fly fishing?

At the time of retirement, it is quite naturally that she settles definitively in the economic capital of Trégor. She was looking for an activity that would meet her need for nature. It was during the forum of associations that she discovered river fishing. The contact with the volunteers of the AAPPMA du Léguer made a good impression on her. The team quickly communicated their passion to her and she joined the fly fishing club, without any knowledge of other fishing techniques.

What is your relationship to nature?

“I experience this activity as a return to nature, more than as a sporting activity. It is also an activity that crosses social link and discovery of the natural environment. I like to paddle the Léguer river, an exceptional playground! A wild river that is home to a remarkable and increasingly rare fish heritage, in France: the Atlantic salmon and the Fario trout.”

Cultivating the essential

What does the phrase “Cultivating the Essential” inspire in your hobby?

“A slightly selfish return to nature. After the theory sessions, I can go by myself to the water’s edge, clear my head. These rejuvenating moments allow me to get rid of my dark thoughts. A real inner wellness cure.”


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Le Léguer - Paradis des pêcheurs à la mouche
Le Léguer - Paradis des pêcheurs à la mouche
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