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Laëtitia, eco-responsible animator

This thirteenth interview takes us to meet Laëtitia, an eco-responsible/zero-waste facilitator who passes on her knowledge through culinary and cosmetic workshops based on seaweed, and gives conferences. She is also the author of several books on the subject.

Published on 21 March 2023

Parole de Breizh, invites you to discover the Pink Granite Coast through encounters with those who live Brittany, transform it, cultivate it. These ambassadors are craftsmen, artists, producers… but above all, inhabitants of the Trégor. They love the Pink Granite Coast and explain to you why cultivate the essential!”

After doing all her studies in the tourism industry, Laëtitia turned to wellness with aromatherapy and natural therapies. As time went by, she became trained in natural cosmetics. This was followed by an awareness of waste. This made her want to give a turn to her career and focus primarily on zero waste.

When arriving in the Trégor, Laëtitia became strongly interested in seaweed and in particular their benefits on the body and beauty. She therefore took a training course in 2019 and began to make outings on the foreshore with cooking and cosmetic workshops based on Breton seaweed.

responsible animations

What does your activity consist of?

My activity is divided into different parts. I am at the same time a speaker, author of 5 books, trainer for companies around waste and eco-responsibility. I also do animations around waste, natural household products, cosmetics and seaweed care, as well as around aromatherapy.

Laëtitia’s Chinese portrait

If you were a color? “Yellow, because it is the color of joy and sunshine”
If you were a season? “Spring because it is synonymous with renewal and is a season bursting with life.
If you were a word? “Joy”
And if you were a Breton animal? “The porpoise”

Cultivating the essential

What does the phrase “Cultivate the essential” inspire in you?

“It inspires me to be happy and joyful sobriety, it’s about going for minimalism and ecology, going back to basics, consuming as little as possible to have the lowest carbon footprint possible.”

Why the Tregor ?

“We really fell in love with the coast and were looking for a better quality of life. We also wanted to live in a wilder place with lots of nature and were looking for an area where the people took great pride in their land.”

In the future, I would like to combine my years of study in tourism and my current activities around zero waste to help the development of responsible tourism.


Joyful ecology

Laëtitia Crnkovic, founder of Zéro Déchet Trégor and “l’Ecologie Joyeuse”, offers you rejuvenating and environmentally friendly activities.

  • Cooking workshops with seaweed, vegetarian, zero waste
  • Aromatherapy workshops, natural cosmetics, household products
  • Workshops around seaweed and wild plants: gathering and transformation into care, cooking, well-being and creative activities.

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