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Julien Cornic, director of Ti Ar Vro Treger-Goueloù

In this, our nineteenth interview, we meet Julien Cornic. Director of the Maison de la Culture Bretonne du Trégor-Goëlo, he works to develop and promote the Breton language and culture in the region.
Published on 10 January 2024

Parole de Breizh, invites you to discover the Pink Granite Coast through encounters with those who live, transform and cultivate Brittany. These ambassadors are craftsmen, artists, producers… but above all, inhabitants of Trégor. They love the Pink Granite Coast and explain why it’s important to cultivate what’s essential!

Originally from Trégor, a region steeped in rich Breton tradition, Julien began his career as an active member of the team organizing the first inter-school Breton music competitions at the Lycée Félix Le Dantec in Lannion.

After two years at Breton university, his path led him to the DASTUM association, dedicated to collecting Brittany’s oral heritage. As president of this association, he established a deep bond with the people of Trégor, developing a fervent passion for the region’s cultural richness and an appetite for the associative world.

His career path?

Julien began his career with a “emploi jeune”, a subsidized employment scheme set up in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. His career then turned into an adventure of on-the-job training: from computer graphics to multimedia project management, from event programming to raising awareness of various subjects such as fire safety.

These experiences led to his appointment as director of Ti Ar Vro Treger-Goueloù, where Julien embodies the mission of this house of Breton culture in the Trégor-Goëlo region, located in Cavan.

Julien’s Chinese portrait

If you were a color? “Blue
If you were a season? “Autumn”.
If you were a word? “Conviviality
What if you were a Breton animal? “L’épagneul breton” (The Breton Spaniel)

As we saw that there was a need, I trained myself.


Ti Ar Vro Treger-Goueloù

Founded in 1996. Ti Ar Vro plays a crucial role in the preservation and dissemination of the Breton language and culture. Recognized for its vitality, the federation brings together 35 associations and over 350 members, becoming a key reference point in the cultural landscape of the Trégorrois region.

Reinforcing its role as regional coordinator, Ti Ar Vro is involved in a wide range of initiatives that contribute to the development of the Breton identity. From Breton language courses to the Fête de la Bretagne, via the Redadeg relay race promoting the Breton language, the association adapts to the particularities of each territory. Breton language teaching for adults, one of the pillars of Ti Ar Vro, meets local demand and ensures quality training.

Services include

  • Breton language teaching for adults
  • Translation services
  • Children and youth services
  • Entertainment and event organization
  • Music studio
  • Breton library
  • Div Yezh Breizh office (bilingual school parents’ association)

The structure uses various communication tools, such as a newsletter, a Facebook page, a website, a YouTube channel and an Instagram account.

Breton culture and Julien

Asked about his connection with the Breton language, Julien explains that he naturally evolved towards this heritage, being the son of a bistro owner from the Trégor region.

“Breton was the language we spoke in the bistro.”

Although he didn’t attend a bilingual school, he began learning Breton in high school, although he regrets the discontinuation of the beginner’s option, which could have attracted more students.

Julien doesn’t see himself as a defender of language for language’s sake, but rather as passionate about what it conveys: exchanges, flavors, reactions, worldviews. Breton culture has thus found its natural place in his personal choices.

Cultivating the essential

What does the phrase “Cultivate the essential” mean to you?

“For me, cultivating the essential means possessing the keys needed to be in harmony with one’s territory. This is how we can intelligently develop it, making it more dynamic and avoiding deviating from the framework established by the territory.”

What’s interesting is what’s conveyed through language, and precisely the flavor, the exchanges, what it generates in terms of reaction, worldview, sharing and so on.


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