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GR®34 | A breathtaking hiking trail in Brittany

Discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Pink Granite Coast during a hike in Brittany, on GR®34, the mythical customs path.
Published on 25 March 2022

On the Pink Granite Coast, the GR34 trail offers you a condensation of the most beautiful Breton treasures. Between land and sea, wild landscapes and historical vestiges, legendary creatures and endemic species, along this hike, Brittany reveals itself.

Get a raincoat (even if it almost never rains), hiking boots as well as a stick to walk or protect you from korrigans and night washerwomen.

Everything ready? Then follow us, we will take you on one of the most beautiful hiking tours in Brittany!

The Renote Peninsula

An iodized hike

If you are constantly hesitating between land and sea, we know a hike in Brittany that should please you: the tour of the Renote Peninsula! On the beach of Trégastel, the starting point of the hike, you can start to feel the terrain. One foot in the water, the other in the sand, walk along the customs path around the peninsula. As you walk, pink rocks with strange shapes appear. A crab claw, a dice, a painter’s palette… Yes, hikes in Brittany are always full of surprises!

The next part of the trail takes you to the end of the peninsula where a breathtaking view of the 7 islands archipelago awaits you. And although you always have your foot on the ground, we advise you to hang on, it can sometimes be very windy! Finally, go back down along the beach and the granite chaos while enjoying the exceptional panorama on the village of Ploumanac’h as well as on some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes of Brittany!

The info for this hike in Brittany

  • Distance: 2.1 km
  • Duration : 1h
  • Level: Easy
  • Level: Low
  • Start: Parking de l’île Renote, Trégastel

Isle Grande

Hike with a treasure trove

Seeing the small bridge connecting Isle Grande to the mainland, you might think that Brittany is being hospitable. But once on it, the winds and mist blowing in from the sea, prove you wrong. Yes, don’t be fooled by these paradisiacal airs, you are still in Brittany! First difficulty of your hike: going against the wind! But if you are used to stories of privateers and sea legends, you know it: a crossing made of great efforts always leads to a treasure!

The foot put on the island and the anchor dropped, this mythical hike of Brittany can begin, towards the Port Saint Sauveur, starting point of this trip. Then follow the marked trail to the point of Toul ar Staon and the point of Castel Erek.

On the way, you can enjoy the wild landscapes of the old quarry and the caress of the sea spray. If you were looking for an invigorating hike in Brittany, you’re on the right track. As the miles and beaches roll by, as you approach the Lion Quarry, in the distance, a large sculpture overlooking the sea comes into view. Could it be a treasure?

The info for this hike in Brittany

  • Distance: 7 km
  • Duration : 2h
  • Level: Easy
  • Upgrade: Low
  • Starting point: Port Saint-Sauveur, Île Grande, Pleumeur-Bodou

The Land of Tors

The Path of Legends

A hike in Brittany is also an opportunity to delve into the legendary settings of the region. Along the Pays des Tors trail, get your imagination going, scanning the extravagant shapes of the rocks, you might just recognize fairies, korrigans and dragons. And if you don’t see it, don’t worry, on this hiking trail, there are also beautiful landscapes to observe such as those of the castle point, Pors Hirs or even the site of the Abyss of Plougrescant.

The starting point of this journey between dream and reality is at the House of the coastline of Plougrescant. There you will find all the necessary information on the route as well as on the legendary characters you might meet during this hike. Before surveying Brittany, it is better to be prepared, you never know what mythical creature is on the trails!

The info for this hike in Brittany

  • Distance: 6 km
  • Duration : 2h
  • Level: Easy
  • Upgrade: Low
  • Start: Coastal House, Plougrescant

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