Meeting #6Word of BreizhCédric Lagrifoul

Cédric, captain-armor

This sixth interview takes us to Lézardrieux to meet Cedric. The captain-armor reveals his background and secrets through his portrait.
Published on 20 May 2022

Parole de Breizh, invites you to discover the Pink Granite Coast through encounters with those who live Brittany, transform it, cultivate it. These ambassadors are craftsmen, artists, producers… but above all, inhabitants of the Trégor. They love the Pink Granite Coast and explain to you why cultivate the essential!”

Owner of two old riggings on the coast, the Nebula and Enez Koalen, Cedric invites you to travel through the archipelago of Brehat, from sunrise to sunset.

After several years as a director of corporate films and commercials, Cedric obtained his captain’s license of the merchant marine and embarked on his first shipyard to restore the old rigging of the Nebula. A passion for wood, passed on by his grandfather, a carpenter.

Why the Tregor ?

“In reality, I knew Saint-Pol-de-Léon, Roscoff and the sandy coast. It is the purchase of the Nebula that made me discover the Trégor, the Presqu’île de Lézardrieux and the Côte de Granit Rose, in particular the Archipelago of Bréhat and the 7 islands. In the end, I first discovered this beautiful territory by the sea.”

And why traditional sailing?

“With traditional sailing, no two sailing trips are alike. It’s a very diverse and varied type of sailing where there is no routine. There is a certain technical variety, notably with the trades that we encounter such as electricity, mechanics, carpentry. We also encounter a meteorological diversity but also on the people we will meet.”

Cultivating the essential

What does the phrase “Cultivating the Essential” inspire in your profession?

“The essential is the human, without extracting it from its environment, it is our human community and how we fit into our world.”

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My adventure side was influenced by Jacques Brel. As the composer said, “The important thing is to do things and go see.”


The Nebula

La Nébuleuse dans l'archipel de Bréhat
La Nébuleuse dans l'archipel de Bréhat
La Nébuleuse dans l'archipel de Bréhat
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