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Benoît, passionate oyster farmer

This first interview takes us to the Presqu’île de Lézardrieux to meet Benoît, a young oyster farmer who cultivates tradition and awakens our taste buds.
Published on 11 March 2022

Parole de Breizh, invites you to discover the Pink Granite Coast through encounters with those who live their Brittany, transform it, cultivate it. These ambassadors are craftsmen, artists, producers… but above all, inhabitants of the Trégor. They love the Pink Granite Coast and explain to you why cultivate the essential!”

On the Lézardrieux Peninsula, the Saint Riom Oysters have been passed down from father to son since 1981. Benoît joined his father there in 2017, continuing the tradition of a passion that favors quality over quantity.

A philosophy that allowed them to obtain two distinctions in 2019 and 2020 with the silver and gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole.

How the year is organized

“FromJanuary to May, we take advantage of the cooler temperatures, which are conducive to a better survival rate, to lift the bags to sort the oysters by size. They are then returned to the beds where they will continue their growth for about 3 years.
In the summer, we have the oyster bar that we opened last year. Visitors come to meet us and can taste our products. This is also the time when we go to Charente Maritime to capture the spat that will be brought back to Brittany a year later.
Finally from September to December it is the busiest time of the year with the preparation of the holidays. Washing, grading, putting in purification tanks, packaging and finally marketing.”

Bref, aren’t we unemployed?

“And at every high tide, we go out to the 15 hectares of concession to turn the bags over so the oysters don’t get stuck in the mesh of the pocket they grow in.”

Your distribution channels?

“We privilege the retail sale and 90% in local. We sell in markets, fish shops and in some supermarkets and shops in the area but also directly to the company. We also offer home delivery, which we started during the containment. We also work with the Breiz’illettes cannery in order to transform hard-to-sell sizes into rillettes.”

Cultivating the essential

What does the phrase “Cultivate the essential” inspire in your business?

“It’s to make the highest quality, tastiest products possible, as simply as possible! We work a lot on the densification of the pockets. We will prefer to have less quantity in favor of quality. The more room an oyster has to grow, the better it will be!”

The oysters of Saint-Riom

Les Huîtres de Saint-Riom
Les Huîtres de Saint-Riom
Les Huîtres de Saint-Riom
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The oyster bar

The oyster bar will offer you a new experience accompanied by a relaxed seaside atmosphere. Not content with offering you a tasting of products from our own production, you will also be able to taste our oysters just out of the water with a delicious nutty taste. From the light to the fleshy, from the salty to the sweet, we will know how to satisfy you.

The oyster bar is located on the commune of Lanmodez, between Lézardrieux and Pleubian, at the level of the oyster farming area a few steps away from the sillon de Talbert.

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