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10 weekend ideas between land and sea on the Pink Granite Coast

Hungry for an iodized stay, feet in the water? We share with you our 10 ideas to enjoy a weekend in Brittany by the sea!

Spending a holiday in Brittany without enjoying the seaside would be a bit like a lump of butter without salt: it’s not imaginable!

So in order not to miss the call of the sea during your vacations in Côte d’Armor, we share with you our ideas to enjoy a weekend in Brittany by the sea. Feet in the water or on the sand, on a boat or around a beautiful table, get ready to live an iodized stay thanks to our 10 ideas!

Idea #1: Wake up to the rhythm of the waves

On the Pink Granite Coast, we have a secret for starting the day right. At home, no alarm, we wake up with the sound of the waves. If you want to try this 100% local method during your weekend in Brittany by the sea, the first thing to do is to find an accommodation with your feet in the water! In Trébeurden or Louannec, in a campsite or in a hotel, once you have found your vacation spot, you will be able to enjoy the sea and its benefits.
A scent of sea spray in the morning, an iodized breakfast and the rolling of the swell that accompanies you until nightfall… One thing is sure, during this short stay in the Côtes d’Armor, you will love to get up at dawn!

Idea #2: Lounging on the beach

What if you took advantage of this weekend in Brittany by the sea to perfect your tan? Yes we did say tanning, UV rays also radiate on our beaches! To come back from your stay with a tanned complexion, sit comfortably on the sand and let the Breton sun do its effect. On the paradisiacal beach of Coz-Porz, the wild beach of Royau or the beach of Lieue de Grève, take a towel, sun cream and sunglasses.

And we were about to forget, also think of taking an umbrella but only to protect you from the sun: you know well that in Brittany, it never rains!

Idea #3: Walk along the coast

Good news, to go on a hike in Brittany, you won’t need to walk on water! Along the coastline of the Côtes d’Armor, many trails wind between beaches, creeks and cliffs. You will be able to enjoy the spectacle of the sea while staying dry. On the sillon de Talbert or on the GR34, the famous path of the customs officers, between the Presqu’île Renote and the île Milliau make your way and discover the most beautiful sceneries of the coastline.
You can already warm up and do some exercises, this weekend in Brittany by the sea is going to be sporty!

4 hikes to do during your stay in Brittany by the sea 👇

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Idea n°4 : All in the saddle !

Leave the car in the garage, and discover the treasures of our little corner of Brittany at the rhythm of your calves, with your nose in the wind and no longer in the handlebars ! By bike, vacations take on a new tone: fetch the bread by the small paths, stroll by bike… Freedom and tranquility give rhythm to your days with family or friends. And in addition it’s good for your health… and that of the planet!

So get on your bike and set off to discover the Pink Granite Coast!

Idea #5: Seclude yourself on an island

To find some peace and quiet during your weekend in Brittany, embark to one of the many islands along the coast. Although located only a few kilometers from the mainland, on the Ile de Bréhat, you’ll feel like you’re on the other side of the world. Alas, we must warn you, you will not be the first to set foot on this island. If you look hard enough, you won’t have any trouble finding a cove or a wild beach to isolate yourself for a while.

Don’t want to share your island with other people? In that case, head to the 7 Islands Archipelago. Here, the only living beings you will meet are puffins, little penguins and gannets or for the most imposing: grey seals. So yes, this archipelago in Brittany is ideal to retreat but the inhabitants are sometimes a bit noisy!

The islands to dock on during your seaside weekend in Brittany 👇

Idea #6: Taking the helm

Before you leave for your weekend in Brittany by the sea, we advise you to review (or learn) the maritime code! Once you’ve arrived in port and after a first boat ride, it’s up to you to take the helm.
On board a sailboat, a sea kayak or standing on a paddle, during this day on the water, you are the captain. Choose your boat, form your crew and set sail. Around an island, along beaches or from the water, you will discover some of the most beautiful landscapes of Brittany. A little practice, a little experience and you’ll be ready to cross the Atlantic for your next vacation!

Idea #7: Attend the tide show

Forget about screens, video games and Netflix, in Brittany, it’s in front of the sea that we settle! Every year, the high tides offer a dazzling show, not to be missed under any circumstances. To attend, check the dates of the next tides and book your weekend by the sea in Brittany. To find the best seats, we advise you to come early in the morning or before nightfall. Choose a comfortable seat facing the beach, take some snacks (a good cake will do!) and wait patiently for the show to start. On the program: a sound and light show where the main actors are the waves, the moon and the rocks.

Idea #8: Have the peach

If you want to keep your figure during your seaside weekend in Brittany, follow the Breton diet: physical activities and iodized dishes! For this, no need to put on sports shoes, the only thing you need is a shovel and a bucket. Yes, you will have understood, it is about fishing on foot! On the foreshore, find the holes in the sand and dig for clams and other shells. This fun activity will appeal to the whole family.

After unearthing delicious seafood for the appetizer, it’s time to find the main course. So trade in the bucket for a fishing pole then head to the seashore or river! With any luck, the fish will bite and you’ll have plenty to eat for the rest of your stay in Brittany.

Our ideas for fishing activities for your seaside weekend in Brittany 👇

    Idea #9: Enjoy a seafood platter

    Prefer to put your feet under the table rather than in the sand? No worries, you don’t have to fish, you can get your seafood from a fishmonger! On the menu: winkles, spider crabs, oysters and crab. Yes, during your stay in Brittany, your lunches and dinners will be iodized! But those who do not appreciate this delicious taste of the sea can be reassured, Brittany is full of specialties. Galette, pâté, andouille, onions… You might as well say that if you want to taste everything, you’ll have to extend the weekend or come back for a longer stay during the summer vacations!”

    Idea #10: A unique thalassotherapy experience in Brittany

    Would you like to take advantage of your relaxing vacation in Brittany to discover true thalassotherapy? The Roz Marine thalasso center, in Perros-Guirec, pampers you between well-being and vitality! For an afternoon or a full day, take advantage of your relaxing vacation in Brittany to discover thalassotherapy, the real thing, in Perros-Guirec. Experience a true iodine sensory journey through original treatments such as seaweed wraps, seawater pools at different temperatures, cobra water blades, hydromassage jets, and much more. As a bonus, you’ll be able to admire the sea as far as the eye can see and Trestraou beach as a backdrop.

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